Idol Contestant Mandisa 100 Pound Weight Loss & ‘What If We Were Real’


GMA: American Idol Contestant Mandisa Lost 120 Pounds

Former American Idol contestant Mandisa Hundley has lost an incredible 120 pounds. Mandisa competed on season five of Idol, where she finished in ninth place. The three-time Grammy nominated artist also had a number one single on the Billboard Christian Songs chart, “Stronger.”

Good Morning America: Simon Cowell On Mandisa’s Weight

GMA: Mandisa What If We Were Real Review

Former Idol contestant Mandisa visited Good Morning America to share her 100 pound weight loss story & new album, What If We Were Real. (s_bukley /


Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell poked fun at 35-year-old Mandisa at her audition, asking if there was going to be a bigger stage that season to accommodate her.

“It was just hurtful and mean and the one thing that I didn’t want to have happened,” Mandisa said.

How Mandisa Lost The Weight: Trainer, Diet & Zumba

Mandisa hired a personal trainer, began to eat healthy and participated in Zumba, a dance fitness class. Her goal was to loose 100 pounds, but things weren’t easy for the singer. At one point she tweeted, “I’m fed up and over it.”


The star says her fans and her religion kept her on the right track. By the time “Stronger” was released, she had lost the weight.

Mandisa What If We Were Real Review: Inspired by Weight Loss

Mandisa’s new album is called What if We Were Real, which was inspired by her weight loss journey.

“There was a time when I didn’t feel like getting up and going to Zumba one day, I had done everything right and I got on the scale and had gained 1.8 pounds,” Mandisa said. “I tweeted that I was through with it and when I woke up from my nap I had tons of messages saying, ‘Don’t give up,” but more than that, ‘I appreciate knowing that you’re real and that you go through difficult times just like me.’”

Mandisa is also sharing her journey to lose 100 on YouTube. Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer asked the singer what she’d say to Simon Cowell now.

“Well the same thing that I said to him back in my season,” Mandisa said. “I forgave him for what he said to me because I’ve been forgiven for so much and I can extend that same grace to him. But then I would follow it up and say, ‘How you like me now?’”

Mandisa and TobyMac Perform on Good Morning America 

Mandisa was joined by Christian recording artist TobyMac to perform her song “Good Morning” for the audience. TobyMac’s new album Eye On It drops tomorrow.


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