GMA ZZ Ward “365 Days” Performance & Til the Casket Drops Album Review


GMA: ZZ Ward “365 Days” Song

If you own an album by Adele, Florence and the Machine or even indie band The Duke Spirit, you should probably pick up ZZ Ward’s album Til the Casket Drops. Amy Robach described her as an “up-and-coming blues-pop soul singer” while introducing her. And while I’ve never heard of a genre called “blues-pop,” I’m willing to believe that it exists after hearing ZZ Ward. The 26-year-old’s song “365 Days” is a soulful song with a nice melodic hook, plenty of dance-ability and a definite coolness factor.

GMA ZZ Ward "365 Days" Performance & Til the Casket Drops Album Review

ZZ Ward came by GMA March 7 2013 to perform her song, “365 Days” off of her new album, Til the Casket Drops. (Featureflash /


This is the song you’d want to be playing as you get yourself ready for a really awesome night, or as the soundtrack for an epic ride somewhere. If these sort of tasks could be summed up into an 80s movie-style montage, this is the song I’d like to have playing during it. The song also ends in a wicked guitar solo.

GMA: ZZ Ward “365 Days” Lyrics

The song is about a really bad breakup, with the narrator of the song dropping all of her boyfriend’s stuff onto the ground outside their apartment. The song is filled with witty and cool lines like, “Diamonds and white gold watches / watch how fast they will soar / you always say you wanted to give back to the poor” and “I won’t be your debutante / won’t be the fool to your savant.” ZZ Ward knows how to write a song about a woman scorned and make it sound downright cool.

GMA: ZZ Ward “365 Days” Performance

About halfway through the song, as she sang, you could see the hint of a smile on ZZ Ward’s lips. She knew her performance was awesome. This wasn’t in a cocky expression. It was more like satisfaction. The audience was drawn in, dancing at the sides. ZZ Ward played the keyboard while she sang, and her band rocked it out behind her. Her guitarist clearly had a lot of talent of his own. The drummer, too, crashed the cymbals with a great intensity at the end and kept up the marching beats throughout. It was a great and solid performance. It makes me wonder what the rest of her album sounds like.



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