GMA: OneRepublic New Album Native & “If I Lose Myself” Performance


GMA: OneRepublic New Album Native

OneRepublic has achieved a lot of success, despite the fact that I’m never quite sure which songs to attribute to the band. They made radio history when their first single, “Apologize,” achieved the most radio plays in a single week, the record only being broken by Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love,” which OneRepublic’s frontman Ryan Tedder co-wrote. “Apologize” was also remixed on Timbaland’s album Shock Value, becoming an international smash hit, reaching number one in 16 countries and earning them a Grammy Award nomination.

So even though in the mind of this one writer, OneRepublic is a band I never bothered to pay attention to, OneRepublic is a big deal. They’re always in the same category in my brain that bands like 311 and The Script occupy. I know they’re out there and that I like their songs, but I never tried to investigate to see if I’d like them outside of the radio.


GMA: OneRepublic New Album Native & "If I Lose Myself" Performance

OneRepublic came by GMA March 26 2013 to perform their song, “If I Lose Myself.” (Debby Wong /

On March 26 2013, Robin Roberts talked to OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, who told Robin it was GMA’s fault it’s been so long for a new album, because their support really pushed their last album to success. “You extended that whole album by like a year,” Ryan Tedder said. The new album, Native, is influenced by Gospel music, which Ryan Tedder said he grew up singing.

GMA: OneRepublic “If I Lose Myself”

OneRepublic’s new song “If I Lose Myself” is an epic ballad. The gospel influence isn’t immediately apparent, but the synthy beats that obscure the drums and keyboard effects do immediately suggest to the listener that this song is building to something awesome. As the song continues, the guitars come in, adding layers to the soundscape. Two thirds of the way through the song, the triumphant vocals of Ryan Tedder, backed by the rest of the band, are the focal point of the song, as Ryan Tedder reaches for the tambourine that he plays as he sings. It’s around this point that the drums really shine. If I knew the words, it’s this point that I would really start to sing.


It’s a song that seems destined for road trip playlists and dance club remixes. You can imagine someone playing it at a middle school dance or at a wedding to get the guests to finally move their feet.

Does the song have any faults? Sure. It takes a little too long to get to that triumphant moment at the end. But that don’t matter. It’s a good, uplifting song. Your mom could bob her head to this song in the car. You could also meet a girl at a darkly lit bar as this song played in the background. It’s good for every occasion.


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