GMA: Nick Lachey New Album Covering Lullabies – “A Father’s Lullaby”


GMA: Nick Lachey New Lullaby Album

“You all remember teen idol Nick Lachey, don’t you, from 98 Degrees? It is fair to say time has passed,” Josh Elliott awkwardly said on Good Morning America April 15 2013, while Nick Lachey sat nearby, chuckling at something, perhaps the odd direction of his career. Time has passed indeed. Nick Lachey is now a new father and, in honor of fatherhood, is releasing a new album of lullaby covers. Did I just tell you a former pop star is making an album of lullabies? Yes, I did.

GMA: Nick Lachey New Album Covering Lullabies - "A Father's Lullaby"

Nick Lachey came by GMA April 15 2013 to talk about his new album of lullaby covers, A Father’s Lullaby, and his new song from the record. (s_bukley /


The album is called A Father’s Lullaby. Nick Lachey said that fatherhood is “awesome in every way” and is “far better than anything I could have imagined or predicted.” He said that the album started because he was flooded with emotion and wanted to get those emotions out in a song. The album also has four original lullabies.

GMA: Nick Lachey “Father’s Lullaby” Performance

Then, Nick Lachey performed his new lullaby “Father’s Lullaby.” And, I mean, it’s a lullaby. What can I say about the performance? Lachey looked around, grinning at the children gathered around him. One child, presumably Nick Lachey’s son, held a microphone of his own and tried to eat it while Lachey sang. He kept biting it like it was an ice cream cone, which apparently didn’t alarm Lachey. Maybe it wasn’t his son after all?

The song itself sounded somewhere between “Cats In The Cradle” and every lullaby you grew up hearing your parents sing to you. It’s impossible to listen to it without thinking of your own parents and childhood or your own children. It hits the right notes in that sticky, sentimental way. Several of the children around Nick Lachey looked absolutely stricken by his performance and not in the familiar oh-my-God-it’s-Nick-Lachey way that happened in the 90s. These kids just loved the song. They looked at him like he was Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Would I listen to this song myself? No, I wouldn’t. But if I had a child, I might just play this record for the little guy.



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