GMA: Mindless Behavior “Keep Her On The Low” & All Around the World


GMA: Mindless Behavior New Album

American boy band Mindless Behavior’s members are all only in their teens, but they’ve already toured with Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and the Backstreet Boys. They also certainly have style. The four boys showed up on Good Morning America’s stage March 12 2013 wearing matching suits. They told Sam Champion they were very excited about their new album, All Around the World, coming out March 12.

GMA: Mindless Behavior "Keep Her On The Low" & All Around the World

Mindless Behavior came by GMA March 12 2013 to talk about their new album, All Around the World, and to perform their new song “Keep Her On the Low” which already has two million views on YouTube. (lev radin /


GMA: Mindless Behavior “Keep Her On the Low”

Unfortunately, although the boys did look cool, their music was nothing special. Their new song “Keep Her On the Low” is another overproduced club hit that you could dance to just fine, but will you remember it in 10 years? It seems doubtful. As far as the performance is concerned, the boys had difficulty keeping their moves synchronized, even though that clearly is what they were trying to do.

I actually feel bad that I didn’t like it, because in Sam Champion’s interview they seemed like such nice guys. The first 30 seconds of the song started really strong and it made me listen intently, because I thought for a second I was hearing something really unique. But then the song moved into the chorus which seemed like it would never end.

GMA: Mindless Behavior “Keep Her On the Low” Lyrics

The song is about having a girlfriend and wanting another one that you have to “keep on the low.” It’s also about going on tour. And for some reason the boys feel the need to explain themselves. “Let me define what I call a girlfriend,” they declare at one point, “She will be mine about two weekends.” I guess for those two weekends they want to make sure they have two girlfriends?


But it’s the last lines of the song that speak volumes about the intentions of the young boys’ producers: “I said for y’all to get down on the dance floor / Smash on the radio / You know what I mean shortie / Look how fast the cash flow.” No kidding. This song will never be an anthem for a generation or even stay in your mind past early 2013, but I bet it will make a lot of people a lot of money really quickly. The tween market is unstoppable, after all. Still, I don’t think One Direction or Justin Bieber have anything to worry about.


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