GMA: Lady Antebellum “Downtown” & “Golden” Singles & New Album Review


GMA: Lady Antebellum New Album

Lady Antebellum stopped by Good Morning America February 19 2013 to talk about their new album, Golden. Josh Elliott commented that the age of albums is on its way out now, with iTunes and digital singles becoming more and more popular. None of the members of Lady Antebellum commented on this industry trend.

But Josh Elliot did ask them about their first single off the new album, “Downtown,” which is out now. Charles Kelley said that this was a conscious effort to make a roll-down-the-windows album. He said they just got off a tour and wanted to make some anthems.


GMA: Lady Antebellum "Downtown" & "Golden" Singles & New Album Review

Lady Antebellum stopped by Good Morning America February 19 2013 to perform their song, “Golden,” and to talk about their new album. (s_bukley /

GMA: Lady Antebellum “Downtown”

Charles Kelley also said that the new single is loose and different for them. Hillary Scott said that it’s a fun song to play. She said that having that energy and sass in the song made it really fun to perform.

GMA: Lady Antebellum “Golden”

Lady Antebellum played “Golden” for the Good Morning America studio, as they came back from a commercial break. The new song was a soulful ballad. Dave Haywood played guitar and the other two sang, as they sat shoulder to shoulder next to each other in chairs.


It was the first time the song was ever publicly played. Josh Elliott said that the song meant a lot to them, with Robin Roberts coming back to Good Morning America February 20 2013.

Dave Haywood said the song reminded them of the very first songs they wrote together and that it captured that golden moment from their beginning. Hillary Scott has a baby on the way and Dave Haywood said they’ve all got golden moments in their lives.


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