GMA: Kelly Rowland Talk A Good Game Review & “Dirty Laundry”


Good Morning America: Kelly Rowland Talk A Good Game Review

Kelly Rowland, the five-time Grammy winner, has a new album coming out called Talk A Good Game, which airs out personal issues such as her relationship with Beyonce to her relationships with abusive boyfriends. Last month, she released single “Dirty Laundry” off the album, revealing the details of her complicated relationship with former Destiny’s Child group member Beyonce, and a relationship she had with an abusive ex-boyfriend. Last month, an emotional Kelly Rowland broke down while performing the song in Washington D.C., a testament to just how much she poured into the song.

GMA: Kelly Rowland Wanted To Be Honest On Talk A Good Game

GMA: Kelly Rowland Talk A Good Game Review & Dirty Laundry

Kelly Rowland performed Street Life off her new album, Talk A Good Game. (s_bukley /


Kelly Rowland said that it was very important for her to open up. She went into the studio with a lot of writers and producers who all happened to be on the same page where the importance of honest was concerned, and the album just fell together the way it did as a result of that. Kelly said that being this honest was incredibly important to her because she had never done it before, and one of her producers, The-Dream, said that people need to know what’s underneath Kelly Rowland’s exterior.

Good Morning America: Kelly Rowland Cries During Performance

Kelly broke down while performing “Dirty Laundry” live, but it made for a difficult recording session, as well. Kelly said that it took somewhere around a day to get through the song, but that the emotional outpouring was something of a release for her, because who doesn’t feel better after they air out things that they have otherwise been holding in? Kelly said that a lot of the tears were for her younger self and not the more mature self she has become now. She was happy that she was able to bear herself onstage, though, and not be judged for it.

GMA: “Dirty Laundry” Is About Beyonce And Kelly’s Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

One of the more difficult topics to speak on with Talk A Good Game was on the subject of her abusive ex-boyfriend. So far, when Kelly has shared this story live, she has had a lot of girls come up to her after her performance and share their own stories with her, which makes Kelly happy about the song knowing that it could have a positive influence on her.


“While she was on the stage, I was enraged,” is a line that is about Beyonce, but not in the way that you might think. Kelly Rowland said that this line is understandably misinterpreted by many people, and that is didn’t have to do so much with jealousy over Beyonce’s success, but more because Kelly was going through a lot of personal issues while Beyonce was out being a superstar.

Good Morning America: Destiny’s Child Reunion?

Despite these mixed feelings, though, Kelly did reunite with both Beyonce and Michelle Williams for a song on the album, “You Changed,” which came together very well, according to Rowland. Kelly sent the song to Michelle and Beyonce, and they sent it back with their voices on it. Could a Destiny’s Child reunion be in the future?

GMA: Kelly Rowland Performs “Street Life”

Kelly Rowland finished off the show with a performance with a performance of Talk A Good Game single “Street Life” with hip hop artist Pusha T. Kelly’s voice came across great, and Pusha T showed all of the swagger that a hip hop artist should on stage and in his delivery. However, Pusha T’s verse felt like it was tacked on due to the name of the song rather than the result of any artistic necessity.


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