GMA: Fantasia Performs “Lose to Win” & Game Show Confidential Bloopers


GMA: Game Show Confidential

From The Price is Right to Family Feud, America has been watching games shows since the invention of the television. Some people might think of Ken Jennings when they think about game shows. Others might think about the big winnings or the even bigger reactions. And some may even think about the woman who was chosen to be on The Price is Right and lost her top running to the stage.

Jefferson Graham, the technology columnist for USA Today, said people love game shows because they like watching other people win and they like seeing celebrities let loose. From the fantastic prizes to mid-sized celebrities digging themselves into a career hole with absurd answers, Americans love to watch.


GMA: Fantasia Performs "Lose to Win" & Game Show Confidential Bloopers

Good Morning America looked at some game show bloopers during their Game Show Confidential segment, and they listened to Fantasia perform “Lose to Win.” (image credit: Featureflash,

But there is nothing better than a contestant under pressure who makes a few bloopers, like the woman who answered the question “at what month does a woman begin to look pregnant” by saying “September.” One of my favorite bloopers was on Family Feud. Steve Harvey asked a man what a burglar would be least excited to see when he broke in. The contestant said “a naked grandma.”

Don’t expect game shows to go away any time soon either. Experts say game shows have taken on a whole new life on the internet and on cellphones.


GMA: Fantasia Performs “Lose To Win”

Good Morning America ended their Wednesday April 24 2013 episode with a performance from Fantasia but first they wanted to talk with her about rumors of her almost quitting the music business.

Fantasia, who won American Idol almost 10 years ago, said she did almost the leave the music industry because she lost her focus on music. She was being dragged down by the industry and she didn’t want to be a part of it any longer. But it was the fans that brought her back. She said every time she would meet a fan they would tell her to make new music because her older songs had touched them so much.

“My music is about blessing people,” said Fantasia, who released her first album in three years, Side Effects of You.

She brought her beautiful voice to the Good Morning America stage to perform her hit single “Lose to Win.”


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