GMA: Butterscotch Blankets On Sale For $28 & Motown: The Musical Cast


GMA: Deals & Steals

Good Morning America had plenty of deals and steals available on their website, starting with the Butterscotch Blankets for strollers, normally $56, but only $28 on the website. Next, there was Magnificent Baby, with clothing for babies that has magnetic buttons, only $5.50 to $25.

Next up there was D.C. Comics superhero pajamas with your choice of Wonder Woman, Batman or Superman, starting at $15 and, just for this deal, free shipping. Last, there were the Lulla Pets for $25.


GMA: Butterscotch Blankets On Sale For $28 & Motown: The Musical Cast

Motown began in Detroit in the 1960s. Last week, American Idol honored it by having contestants sing Motown songs and now the cast of Motown: The Musical stopped by GMA April 4 2013 to perform a few songs.

GMA: Name That Motown Tune

The GMA anchors played a game where they had to name a Motown tune. Josh Elliott hosted and he would play a song until either George Stephanopoulos, Sam Champion, Lara Spencer or Robin Roberts buzzed in. I guess the world is suddenly going Motown crazy, because it was Motown week last week on American Idol. Anyway, songs mentioned were “I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” “Please Mr Postman, ” and “I Can’t Help Myself.” Robin Roberts and Sam Champion had a tie for naming the most songs.

Robin Roberts stood next to George Stephanopoulos and if it wasn’t obvious before, George Stephanopoulos is short. Or maybe Robin Roberts is just really tall. She did play basketball in college. Either way, I’m not sure what they were thinking having the two stand next to each other.


Motown: The Musical Cast

The cast of Motown: The Musical came by GMA April 4 2013 to perform “Get Ready” a song written by Smokey Robinson, made famous by The Temptations. The performance spanned from inside the GMA studio to a performance out on the streets of New York, singing “Dancing In the Street” with the fans looking on.

Growing up in the Detroit area, I grew up with this music. It’s bizarre to me that there’s a musical on Broadway performing these songs. They’re the songs of my youth, the music of block parties, summer, beer and barbeques. The performance made me happy that where I am, it’s supposed to be in the 60s today. Summer is just around the counter.

If musicals and kitschy performances are your thing, you’ll love Motown: The Musical. There were plenty of funky costumes and ridiculous dancing, and the performers were clearly having a lot of fun. Personally, though, I prefer the original tunes.


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