Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler & Joe Perry: ‘Music from Another Dimension’


Good Morning America: Steven Tyler and Joe Perry Interview

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler & Joe Perry: 'Music from Another Dimension'

Good Morning America sits down with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry to discuss their new album and how they feel about American Idol.

Steven Tyler and bandmate Joe Perry, from the rock n’ roll band Aerosmith, sat down together for the first time since Tyler quit American Idol.


The band, which performed at the iHeartRadio Music Festival over the weekend and also includes band members Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford, have been upset with Tyler since he decided to be a judge on American Idol.

But it would hard to tell they were not happy with each other after hearing a great performance at the festival and announcing their newest, and best according to the band, album which debuts in early November. Perry and Tyler both said they were excited for the album because each band member wrote a song for the album.

Perry said for their newest album, Music From Another Dimensionthe band wanted to make music for people to listen to as they head off to Mars in a spaceship 20 years from now.


Now I do not want to be too cynical, but does Aerosmith, a band that has been together for 40 years already, think their music can stand the test of 20 more years time. I think you guys have shot a little too far ahead.

Good Morning America: Steven Tyler America Idol

As for going on America Idol, Steven Tyler said he did it because he wanted to get more exposure for Aerosmith. Although Tyler and Perry both said they had talked it through and were past their differences, it sure did not show in the segment on Good Morning America. They both argued with each other when the topic came up, Perry said he didn’t want Aerosmith’s name attached to the show, and Tyler saying he just wanted to get exposure for the band.

I guess they will never be on same page about American Idol.


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