Good Morning America: Miguel Sings “Adorn” From Kaleidoscope Dream


Good Morning America: Miguel Kaleidoscope Dream Review

Josh Elliott said that Miguel is poised to be the newest R&B sensation. He is nominated for five Grammys. According to Rolling Stone, “he already comes on like a master.” From San Pedro to Times Square, Miguel told Josh about his album, Kaleidoscope Dream.

Good Morning America: Miguel Sings "Adorn" From Kaleidoscope Dream

Singer and artist Miguel performed “Adorn” from his Kaleidoscope Dream album on Good Morning America. The R&B artist is nominated for five Grammy Awards.


“I believe everyone has their own kaleidoscope dream, and it’s made up of your conscious decisions, your sensibilities, your subconscious thought patterns,” he said.

GMA: Miguel “Adorn” Performance

Miguel said that producing this album helped him bring his own dream to life as a soundtrack. The hit song “Adorn” held the Billboard R&B #1 spot the longest in 2012, and it is nominated for Grammy song of the year.

On his rotating stage in the GMA studio, Miguel and his band performed the hit track. He had undeniable stage presence in a leather jacket and sunglasses.


Good Morning America: Miguel Adorn Review

Have you ever noticed that some songs sound great on the radio, but they don’t quite come off as well in live performances? That was my takeaway from Miguel’s Good Morning America appearance. I remember enjoying the song on the radio, but despite Miguel’s animated performance, I was not as impressed with the music seeing it live.

It is still a fun song, and I doubt we have seen the last of Miguel. The Grammys are not far off, after all.

GMA: Who Is Miguel?

If it seems like Miguel has a polished sound and a lot of experience for a breakthrough artist, that is because he has been working hard for a long time to get where he is today. He has been making his own music for years, and his debut album in 2010 got lost in the shuffle when his record company went under.

But all the struggles and false starts seem to have prepared Miguel to take the R&B world by storm now that Kaleidoscope Dream is a critical and commercial success.



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    I don’t Agree at all with this view. I have seen Miguel performing live a couple times in Washington DC and one of the things I liked about the show was how great the transition from the radio version to the live show was!

    The sound is real but synth depth of DJ Brooks and the bass player add a new dimention to live performance fused with Electric Guitar and organic drummer create the perfect fusion for a vibrant groove using the latest native instrument technology “The Maschena Groove Box” along with Miguel’s talented voice and charismatic on stage persona make out for a great show live and entertainment value.

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