Good Morning America: Green Day ¡Uno! Review & Live Performance


Good Morning America: Green Day Rooftop Performance

Green Day performed live in Times Square Friday on the roof of Good Morning America.

The group has sold 65 million albums and won five Grammy awards. According to Good Morning America’s guest co-host Elizabeth Vargas, fans had been camped out since midnight to see the band.


Green Day’s Three New Albums: ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!

Good Morning America: Green Day ¡Uno! Review & Live Performance

The new Green Day Uno album is the first of three the band is releasing over the next four months. They performed on the Good Morning America roof. (Aija Lehtonen /

Green Day first performed “Oh Love,” the first single from their upcoming album, ¡Uno! The supergroup will release three albums in the next four months: first ¡Uno!, then ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!

“We basically just started writing a bunch of songs,” lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong said. “We had a handful of songs and instead of doing a double record I think we had right around thirty songs and we decided to just keep going and we were having a good time with it. So we were like, ‘Let’s put out a three volume set.’”


Armstrong said the first album is very classic Green Day, while the second is more garage band sounding. The third is the “finale” of the three.

“We started off just writing a few songs and it ended up becoming epic in the long run,” Armstrong said.

GMA: Green Day Plays Live Concert

Green Day will be headlining a North America tour starting next month.

The band played “Holiday” next, a song from the album American Idiot, which won a Grammy and was turned into a musical that is currently touring.

They then played an old favorite, “Basket Case.” Green Day finished up with “Stay the Night” from ¡Uno!


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