Good Morning America: The Killers Perform New Single ‘Runaways’


Good Morning America: The Killers

Good Morning America: The Killers Perform New Single 'Runaways'

The Killers played two of their best singles on Good Morning America.

The Killers are an America rock band which formed in 2001. The band members are Brandon Flowers, founder of the band and lead vocals. Dave Keuning is on lead guitar, while Ronnie Vannucci Jr. is on drums and Mark Stoermer is on the bass guitar. The began become actually rock stars not long after forming when their hit single “Mr. Brightside” started to play all over the UK. The band soon signed do Island Def Jam Records in 2004.


Since being signed the band has gone on to produce four hit records, the record being Battle Born, which has been getting a lot of radio play.

Another little known fact about the The Killers is that they are owners of Battle Born Studios, a studio space that has been used by numerous artists including Elton John and Third Eye Blind.

Good Morning America: The Killers Perform “Runaways”

Good Morning America asked Flowers what it felt like to get back in the studio after four years of taking a break from making an album. Flowers said it was like riding a bike and getting the back in the studio actually felt good. They performed their new single “Runaways.”


The new song has been getting a lot of praise from numerous critics of rock music. Rolling Stone readers even voted it the best song in the summer of 2012.

Good Morning America: The Killers Perform “Mr. Brightside”

The Killers also performed their first single ever and the song they are best know for, “Mr. Brightside.” The single has won the band much acclaim throughout the years being named at number 9 for greatest guitar riffs of all time and one of the most played songs on the


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