GMA: Richie Sambora Performs “Every Road Leads Home To You”


Good Morning America: It’s Good to be Richie

GMA: Richie Sambora Performs "Every Road Leads Home To You"

Richie Sambora performed his new single “Every Road Leads Home to You.” (s_bukley /

Richie Sambora, the longtime lead guitarists for the band Bon Jovi, has been playing guitar ever since he has been able to walk. And his career has never seemed to slack. After meeting Jon Bon Jovi in the early 1980s, Sambora and Bon Jovi has been playing together ever since. Sambora has recorded some of most notable songs in the history of modern rock, including “You Give Love a Bad Name,” “I’ll Be There for You,” “Bad Medicine,” and the smash-hit single from their 2000 album Crush, “It’s My Life.”


Good Morning America: Solo Career

Sambora has recorded three solo albums. They are his 1991 solo debut Stranger in This Town, his sophomore album Undiscovered Soul, which debuted in 1998 and his latest solo album, which was released a few days ago, Aftermath of the Lowdown. Sambora explained the name of the album came from ‘low down’ meaning to tell the truth and the aftermath that sometimes comes from telling the truth.

Good Morning America: Sambora Performs “Every Road Leads Home to You”

Sambora played a tight set of the hit single from his new album, “Every Road Leads Home to You.” The song is simply about getting home to the person you love, no matter what obstacles stand in your way.

I have to say I am more of a fan of Sambora’s as Bon Jovi’s guitar player, but I kind of liked the song. What did you think? Was it catchy or to alternative rock for you.? Let me know in the comments section below.



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