GMA: Mandisa & the Power Of Praise Mass Choir “Stronger” Performance


Mandisa: What If We Were Real Review

Robin Roberts talked to Mandisa February 20 2013 before her performance of “Stronger.” Robin Roberts said that the song really helped her through her recovery. Robin said that a few days before she left GMA to take her medical leave, Mandisa was on and she gave Robin her album, What If We Were Real.

GMA: Mandisa & the Power Of Praise Mass Choir "Stronger" Performance

Mandisa came by Good Morning America February 20 2013 to talk about her song, “Stronger,” and to perform it with the Power of Praise Mass Choir. (s_bukley /


Robin Roberts thanked her for being there and then asked her what the song “Stronger” meant to her. Mandisa said that it was for people just like Robin who need to pull from the song and from God to find strength.

Mandisa: The Power Of Praise Mass Choir “Stronger” Performance

The song “Stronger” was a powerful, catchy song that had multiple people in the audience singing along. Robin Roberts and her sisters danced as Mandisa played. Christian music often gets a bad reputation among the rest of the music world. A lot of people hear “Christian music” and assume that if they’re not devoutly religious or in a worship mood, the music isn’t for them. But I think that Mandisa’s “Stronger” has mass appeal.

It’s a beautiful ballad that would fit comfortably alongside Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. And the message is something that I think anyone can get on board with. The song is about how to hold on when horrible things happen to you and how things can only get better. Of course, it also talks about trusting that God will be there for you and make sure you get to a great place. The music is uplifting and happy and makes you want to take faith in whatever it is you take faith in and hold on for a better day.


Robin Roberts and her sisters were crying and hugging by the end of the song and several other people in the audience seemed to be having emotional reactions to the song. The refrain of “It’s going to make you stronger,” in particular, seemed to be a powerful statement affecting them, especially considering Robin Roberts’ recovery and return to Good Morning America. It was the perfect finish to Robin Roberts’ return show.


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