GMA: Liv Tyler “The Leftovers” + Jennifer Lopez “A.K.A.” Performance


Good Morning America: Liv Tyler “The Leftovers”

Liv Tyler was on Good Morning America to talk about her new HBO drama The Leftovers.

She was perhaps most known for her roles in Armageddon and The Lord of the Rings. Now she is starring in The Leftovers an HBO drama from the creators of Lost about the residents of a small town focusing on the sudden and unexplained disappearance of 2% of the world’s population.


So what made Liv Tyler decide to go to the small screen after working in big movies? She said she loved what was going on in TV and the story and characters were so interesting to her. She said she was drawn to her character. Plus, the show is shooting in New York, where her 9-year-old son lives, so she gets to be home with him.

Good Morning America: Liv Tyler Modern Manners

GMA: Liv Tyler "The Leftovers" + Jennifer Lopez "A.K.A." Performance

Liv Tyler sat down to talk about her new HBO series “The Leftovers”. (JStone /

She also co-wrote the book Modern Manners: Tools to Take You to the Top and modeled. There have been rumors about her singing a duet with her father Steven Tyler. She said she wanted to be a singer when she was little and didn’t want to be an actress, but obviously that has changed.


She was interviewed on the stage where Jennifer Lopez was about to perform her summer concert, and Liv said she actually worked with her in the movie Jersey Girl.

Liv Tyler’s new show The Leftovers premieres Sunday June 29 on HBO.

GMA: Jennifer Lopez Summer Concert Series

Jennifer Lopez had Central Park packed full of people for her summer concert series performance of songs off her new album A.K.A. She kicked off the concert with her song called “Booty.”

A.K.A. is her 10th album and is about her having become smarter about love. She said the message of the album is about strength and growing up and learning things. She said it’s about getting better and better with each experience.

She recently performed with Pitbull to kick off the World Cup by singing the official song “We Are One.”

Jennifer Lopez said her twins are now six years old and admitted it was a bit of a juggling act. She said you have to put your kids first and then everything falls in line behind that, so you do the best you can.

Good Morning America: Jennifer Lopez “True Love”

She has a book coming out as well called True Love. She said she was writing about personal things, which was a vulnerable thing to do. She said it was supposed to be a book about the year she went on tour, but she realized how  much it tied into what was going on in her life. She said it turned into a whole different kind of book. She said she’s scared of it, but proud of it as well.

She explained that she was honest and put her best foot forward. She just wants to make people sing, dance, smile, and be happy.

She performed more songs including “First Love,” “On The Floor,” and “Let’s Get Loud.”


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