GMA: John Legend Performs “Tonight” & Love In The Future Preview


GMA: John Legend Love In The Future Preview

Multi-time Grammy winner John Legend was performing during today’s show, and took a moment to announce a new album coming out in September called Love In The Future. To coincide with the announcement, John Legend said that tour dates are being put up on his Facebook right now. It’s been awhile since John Legend released a solo album, with his last project being Wake Up! with The Roots releasing in 2010. It looks like 2013 is a good year to be a John Legend fan.

GMA: John Legend Performs Tonight & Love In The Future Preview

John Legend performed “Made To Love” off his new album, “Love In The Future.” (s_bukley /


For Love In The Future, John Legend’s fiance Chrissy Teigen joked that she didn’t want to hear any more cheating songs. However, this new album is not about, anyways, as John said he wanted to sing songs that reflected his life. With that being said, that means that this album will be quite a departure from his previous material.


GMA: John Legend Performs “Made To Love” & “Tonight”

Before performing some new music, John Legend performed one of his better-known hits, “Tonight (Best You Ever Had).” The soulful backup singers and John Legend’s great voice provided all the requisite sensuality that one would expect of John Legend.


After performing a song everyone knew, John Legend premiered a song off of Love In The Future called “Made To Love.” John stepped away from the bedroom on this one and moved towards some more epic musical arrangements that sounded almost like a mix between a James Bond movie theme song and a love ballad. If the new album is going to go in a direction more like this, it sounds like it will be moving John Legend’s music forward a little bit. Hopefully, this will allow Legend to avoid stagnation in his sound.



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