GMA: Emily VanCamp ‘Revenge’ Preview & Olly Murs “Heart Skips A Beat”


Good Morning America: Emily VanCamp from Revenge

Good Morning America sat down with the star of the hit new show Revenge. The show revolves around Emily Thorne, the character Emily VanCamp plays, who goes to the Hamptons for a the summer to relax. It is soon revealed Emily is not who she says she is. She is actually in the Hamptons to get revenge for her father, who was set up, many years prior, for a murder he didn’t commit. Now his daughter is in the Hamptons to get revenge for her fathers death.

Emily VanCamp: Revenge Season 2 Preview

GMA: Emily VanCamp 'Revenge' Preview & Olly Murs "Heart Skips A Beat"

Emily VanCamp talks about her starring role on the new hit show ‘Revenge’ and Olly Murr performs his hit single “Heart Skips a Beat.” (Helga Esteb /


Emily VanCamp said the story has a lot of twists and sometimes she doesn’t even know what is going to happen next. She said the director will only divulge enough information to get her through the scene and no more. But she said she is excited to work on the show and said she has been having a year because of all the recognition the show is wielding.

She said the new season is going to be even more twisted than the previous season. And from the looks of the sneak preview, the new season seems to be full of lots of lies and deceit, the making of good television of course.

VanCamp also said she was very excited to be working with Jennifer Jason Leigh, who plays her mother on the show.


Good Morning America: Hot Seat

VanCamp got put in the Good Morning America Hot Seat and asked the following questions:

  • What is your perfect day? – Hanging out with friends and BBQing.
  • Hollywood crush when you were younger? – John Stamos

Good Morning America: Olly Murs Performs

Olly Murs stopped by Good Morning America to perform his new single “Heart Skips a Beat”from his sophomore album In Case You Didn’t Know.

Murs said it was a blessing to be performing for Good Morning America, explaining that he has started his singer career singing karaoke in England and then got his big break on the show X Factor. And he may have recieved one of the highest compliments in show business when Simon Cowell said giving Murs a yes on the show, was the easiest yes he had ever given.

If Simon Cowell likes you, how could you not be a superstar? Let me know what you thought about the performance in the comment box below.


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