GMA: Brad Paisley Southern Comfort Zone & Drummer Avery Molek


By Eli Didier

GMA: Brad Paisley Surprise

Before he took the stage at the Good Morning America studio, Brad Paisley had some unfinished business. GMA had planned for him to jump out and surprise three lucky “superfans,” who were under the impression that they had been invited to simply sing some Paisley karaoke for the show.


GMA, of course, was doing a segment on him. Three bubbly girls stood in front of a microphone yakking about what a great guy and musician Brad Paisley is. They were completely unaware of the man lurking backstage.

GMA: Brad Paisley Southern Comfort Zone & Drummer Avery Molek

Brad Paisley was the musical guest on Good Morning America today and played “Beat This Summer” and “Southern Comfort Zone” off his new album, Wheelhouse. (Randy Miramontez /

And then, suddenly, there he was! Brad Paisley leapt out in front of the girls and caused a miniature riot of screaming and bouncing. “They made me scare you,” he told the girls. “I’m sorry,” he said with a grin.


Good Morning America: Brad Paisley Accidental Racist

Of course, Brad Paisley didn’t come to the GMA studio to chat up pre-teens. He was there to promote his new album, Wheelhouse, which is in stores now.

Before he got down to singing, he first addressed some questions about his recent hit “Accidental Racist,” which he produced with LL Cool J.

The song has been the subject of much criticism and controversy. Paisley wanted to make it clear that his album was meant to break some boundaries.

GMA: Brad Paisley Beat This Summer & Southern Comfort Zone

After he got that out of the way, he unslung his electric blue Telecaster and launched into the first riff of “Beat This Summer.” He followed that song with “Southern Comfort Zone.” Both songs are from Wheelhouse.

The Brad Paisley fans huddled on the floor around the stage were not disappointed and neither was I. The entire band sounded great and everyone looked happy to be there (except for the guy on the lap steel guitar—he had this weird sort of scowl on his face for most of the performance).

But Paisley himself was in top form, with his signature cowboy hat and boots. Some bands might falter in an intimate setting like the GMA studio, but Paisley’s sound was even and (for the most part) unfaltering. He even managed to pull off some fancy finger-work, adding little licks and solos throughout the two songs that added some colorful interest.

Good Morning America: Brad Paisley & Avery Molek

Brad Paisley shared a portion of his time on stage with little Avery Molek, who is six years old. Avery has a knack for the drums, and has generated a lot of buzz lately for his ability to play Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher” (which, for those familiar with the song, is quite the feat!). Avery enjoyed jamming with Paisley and the rest of the band almost as much as I enjoyed watching them.



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