Nicole Richie Macy’s Collection: A-Line Dresses & Studded Leggings


Fashion Designer Nicole Richie on Good Morning America

Style star Nicole Richie chatted with Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer about her career as a fashion mogul and her new line with Macy’s.

“Being in fashion is something that I have been dreaming about my whole life,” Richie said. “I started out with jewelry because it is a smaller project and it was closest to my heart and I knew that once I got into ready-to-wear it would take up my entire life. Once I decided that it was the right time I just went full-force into it and I’m just slowly expanding and enjoying every moment.”


Richie’s Mother is Her Inspiration

Nicole Richie Macy's Collection: GMA

Style star Nicole Richie chatted with Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer about her career as a fashion mogul and her new Nicole Richie Macy’s Collection. (Helga Esteb /

Richie cites her mother as one of her biggest inspirations.

“I used to sit in her empty bathtub and watch her get ready, she was going out with my dad all the time and I would watch her get her hair and makeup done and I would just think ‘Ugh, I want to look just like her when I grow up,’” Richie said.


Richie said life is a constant juggling act, with two children and four fashion lines. She said prioritizing when she first wakes up is very helpful.

GMA: Nicole Richie Macy’s Line

The designer showcased several of her creations, available at Macy’s, on Good Morning America. The first look was a peacock motif dress with a black hat for $89.00. Richie said she loves the shape of the dress, and it can be found throughout her collections. The second dress was a high neck A-line dress that retails for $69.00.

Spencer noted that there is a distinctly bohemian feel to the dresses.

“Well, I’m usually inspired by the ’60s and the ’70s. I just love the overall freedom of that time,” Richie said. “For me, everything starts with music so hopefully you’ll see a little bit of that throughout the collection.”

Richie’s third look took an edgy route with a faux fur and faux leather jacket ($129.00), and studded leather leggings ($69.00). She said she liked to mix feminine and masculine fabrics throughout the line.

Good Morning America: Nicole Richie for Macy’s Debuts

Nicole said she’s been so busy finishing her collection that she didn’t have much time for fashion week. Spencer said that her dad, singer Lionel Richie, must be proud of her.

“My dad cries all the time it’s really embarrassing!” Richie said. “All the time, it’s really, really annoying…like in public.”

The Nicole Richie Macy’s collection launches today, September 12 2012. Will you be shopping Nicole’s designs?


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