Kristen Wiig Time 100, Harper’s Photo Shoot & Girl Most Likely Preview


Good Morning America: Kristen Wiig Girl Most Likely Preview

Kristen Wiig, well-known for her roles on Saturday Night Live and Bridesmaids, will be starring in the upcoming film Girl Most Likely, where she plays a writer forced to move back home with her eccentric mother after her life falls apart. In a clip where Wiig’s character has an awkward discussion with her mother about her mother’s strange bedroom adventures, it was made apparent just where this movie would land on the humor meter (pretty high).

GMA: Annette Bening Girl Most Likely

Kristen Wiig Time Magazine & Harper's & Girl Most Likely Preview

Kristen Wiig previewed her most recent movie, Girl Most Likely. (s_bukley /


When Annette Bening signed on to be a co-star in Girl Most Likely Kristen Wiig said that everyone went crazy, and that working with her was the highlight of her career.

Kristen said that it is pure coincidence that this film is the second one she will be starring in where her character has to move home with her mother (the first being Bridesmaids), and that people shouldn’t read this as her harboring some hidden desire to move back home with her mother, though she does love her very much.

Good Morning America: Kristen Wiig Time Magazine

Kristen Wiig was named one of Time Magazine‘s most influential people in the world, and Kristen wasn’t sure how exactly this happened, saying that it must have occurred by accident. Jokes aside, she said that she was very flattered to show up on the list.


GMA: Kristen Wiig Harper’s Photo Shoot

Time isn’t the only magazine that Kristen has been showing up in, though. In the most recent issue of Harper’s, the comic had some absolutely gorgeous photos taken. In fact, one of the pictures, depicting Kristen in a particularly provocative pose, Kristen said was taken by the paparazzi, which she was of course joking about. When she was approached by Harper’s to do some more fashion-oriented pictures, Kristen was happy to do it. Most of the time, when a comedian is asked to do a photo shoot, the photographers want to take the pictures in a humorous direction, which can get old after awhile.

Though Kristen Wiig has already quashed the possibility of another Bridesmaids movie, Kristen and Bridesmaids co-writer Annie Mumolo are already working on something new. Kristen couldn’t comment on the new script, however, because they are so early on in the process that there isn’t anything she could say about the project that is guaranteed to stick.

GMA: Kristen Wiig Trivia

Since this was Kristen Wiig’s first time on Good Morning America, she agreed to do a little bit of a trivia lightning round. The last thing that Kristen Googled was “George Stephanopoulos Images.” She would haunt the studio if she could be invisible for an hour, messing around with the guests on the show. She finished the sentence “I wish I could start…” with “a channel that only showed Sharknado,” and the sentence “I wish I could stop…” with “…people talking about Kale.”

Girl Most Likely will be coming out July 19.


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