Kate’s Style List App Follows Kate Middleton’s Fashion & GMA Gossip


Madonna & Elton John Truce?

Madonna wants to put an end to her famous feud with Elton John. At a concert on Tuesday Madonna said she wants to put everything behind her, and wants Sir Elton to do the same. The two have exchanged words in the past few months, with Elton recently saying Madonna’s career was over and calling her a fairground stripper.

Madonna may not be completely serious about making amends. She chose to dedicate the song “Masterpiece” to Elton at her Tuesday concert, but it wasn’t the most friendly pick. “Masterpiece” beat out Elton’s “Hello Hello” at the 2012 Golden Globes for Best Original Song, which was what started the fight in the first place.


Kate's Style List App Follows Kate Middleton's Fashion

Kate's Style List App allows people to follows Kate Middleton's fashion and to see what she is wearing. (Image Credit: waynehowes / Shutterstock.com)

Kate’s Style List App

There’s a new app for fans of the Duchess of Cambridge’s style called, “Kate’s Style List.” The App, developed by 28-year-old Helen Barclay, charts all of Kate’s fashion choices so you can find them and incorporate them into your wardrobe. Barclay said many of the users are Americans who cannot get enough of Kate’s style. Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos and Josh Elliott were confused about what the point of the app was, and didn’t understand why it was necessary to know exactly what Kate was wearing…silly boys. The app is listed for $0.99 and is available in the iTunes store.

Sofia Vergara Tweets Picture of Herself Dressed Up Like Lucille Ball

Actress Sofia Vergara has transformed herself into Lucille Ball, tweeting a picture of herself with Ball’s iconic red curly hair and priceless expression. The tweet did not explain why she did it, and GMA’s Lara Spencer wondered if it could be for an episode of Modern Family next season. Vergara plays a wife and mother named Gloria on the show.



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