How To Do Tyra Banks “Booty-Tooch” on Good Morning America


Good Morning America: Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone & Rob Evans

Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer caught up with Tyra Banks to hear about the upcoming season of America’s Next Top Model, which premieres tonight.

Joining Banks were the two judges for cycle 19, Kelly Cutrone and Rob Evans.


How To Do Tyra Banks "Booty-Tooch" on Good Morning America

Tyra Banks taught how to do her "Booty-Tooch" on Good Morning America. (Image Credit: Harmony Gerber /

“Kelly is with us for a second year…Kelly’s amazing, PR powerhouse in the fashion industry,” Banks said. “To me even though Kelly always says I’m her boss, yes I’ve hired her, but in the judging room, she is ruling, I’m scared of Kelly in the judging room, it’s no joke.”

Rob Evans: New America’s Next Top Model Judge

Spencer was quick to ask about handsome new judge and former model Evans.


“Rob is a former undefeated boxer, he is half Irish, half black, and he is now a super male model, and he talks ‘like this,’” Banks said, demonstrating Evans’ British accent.

Recent reports speculated that Banks might have a thing for Evans. Banks recently tweeted a photo of herself with her newest judge, but was quick to deny romance rumors.

“Yes we were shooting America’s Next Top Model in Jamaica and so I was like, ‘Rob let’s get these dreadlock wigs and let’s put these wigs on and take a picture in the water.’”

How to “Booty-Tooch” on Good Morning America

Spencer asked Banks if she had a new catchphrase, similar to the “smize” of seasons past (Incase you’re not a supermodel, “smizing” is smiling with your eyes). Banks said that along for the ride in cycle 19 is a new Tyraism: the “booty-tooch.”

“The bar is very high for my booty-tooch, I just can’t take a bad booty-touch,” Cutrone said. “It just sends me down a spiral.”

Cutrone explained that a booty-tooch is “when your pelvis is thrust fully backwards and it’s out.”

“It’s a fully-isolated posterior movement,” Cutrone said.

Rob Evans Wins Model Off Against Tyra Banks

Spencer then challenged Tyra and Rob to a model off. Lara and Kelly judged the fierce competition.

The first round of the competition, fitness, give Tyra and Rob 30 seconds to look mysterious. Tyra held a weight and Rob had an exercise ball for a prop.

Banks immediately unbuttoned Evans’ shirt, which led to cries of happiness from the audience. Tyra even threw the shirt into the audience for one lucky lady to catch.

“Rob wins!” Spencer said. “Rob wins and we haven’t even started.”

You can catch all the booty-tooching on the CW August 24 2012.


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