Good Morning America: The Ricki Lake Show Review


GMA: The Ricki Lake Show Review

Ricki Lake, host of the new talk show The Ricki Lake Show and season 13 competitor on Dancing with the Stars, stopped by Good Morning America to chat with Lara Spencer.

The Ricki Lake Show: Good Morning America

A familiar face is returning to daytime TV. GMA previewed the return of The Ricki Lake Show. (Helga Esteb /


“I’m happy to be here on this very special day and I want to say I support Team Robin.” Lake said. “I’m such a fan and she inspires me every day. Her grace, and her integrity–I wish her well, a speedy recovery, and I’m just very, very grateful to be with her this morning.”

Good Morning America: Ricki Then Vs Now

Lake has worked hard to make the new talk show her own.

“My old show I was 24-years-old, I didn’t really know who I was, I didn’t have a point of view back then and I feel like now with life experience, all I’ve been through, hardship, triumphs, I’m better to come back in this platform and talk about issues that matter to women,” Lake said. “The show is kind of the upgraded more involved Ricki Lake Show and I’m very, very happy to be back.”


The Ricki Lake Show On Women’s Issues

Ricki will tackle issues like motherhood and her battle with weight loss. Spencer said after watching her on Dancing with the Stars, its seems like she likes to have a good time.

“That’s what I told my husband when I met him, ‘I’m just letting you know, I’m always a good time,’” Lake said. “Dancing with the Stars was an amazing accomplishment for me, it was such a journey and I’m sort of taking all the experience I’ve had in my life and kind of building on this show. This show is personality driven. I’m not someone who’s figured it all out yet, I’m getting better with age, I’m a work in progress. I feel like I miss Oprah, I miss that must-see TV in the afternoon, that smart, elevated content for women and that’s what I’m hopefully going to offer our audience that grew up watching me.”

The Ricki Lake Show Premieres September 10 2012

Lake wants to have supportive conversations with women about how to deal with every day life and pressures. The Ricki Lake show premieres September 10 2012. Check your local listings to find out when it airs in your city.


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