Good Morning America: ‘Long Island Medium’ Season 3 Review & Readings


Good Morning America: Theresa Caputo

For two seasons, the Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo has been sharing her psychic gifts on her TLC reality series. Her work has attracted believers and skeptics alike, but Theresa told GMA’s Lindsay Davis that she just can’t turn off her gift.

GMA: Long Island Medium At Work

Long Island Medium Season 3 Review: Good Morning America

Theresa Caputo shared her psychic gifts with Good Morning America in advance of Long Island Medium season 3 on TLC. Do you believe in her?


Theresa said she likes to think of herself as a typical mom, but her larger-than-life appearance isn’t the only thing that sets her apart from other parents. In a clip from the series, she approached strangers in a store to talk about connecting with a lost loved one.

Even during the GMA interview, Theresa said she was receiving messages from those who have crossed over. The Long Island Medium has a waiting list of at least two years, but that doesn’t include spontaneous readings like the one she did for a GMA producer during the filming of this segment.

The producer was moved to tears by Theresa’s revelations about her family. And Ms. Caputo said she has been in touch with these talents and feelings since about age 4. She said she sometimes feels bombarded by messages and acts as a conduit between the living and the dead.


Theresa Caputo: Real or Fake?

Amazingly, being a psychic is now Theresa’s living. It seems to be true that, at least while GMA’s were rolling, Theresa couldn’t turn it off, doing readings for the crew as well as strangers in a coffee shop, whenever she felt so moved.

Her so-called gift attracts people who want closure, including a mother who lost her son, who seemed pleased to receive a message through Theresa. She said that the information Theresa told her about her son was accurate, and that she had some trepidation about the afterlife but wasn’t skeptical of mediums.

Good Morning America: TLC Long Island Medium Review

With millions of viewers on her TLC series, it’s no wonder she’s got quite a backed up waiting list. But if you can’t get in to see her, apparently you just need to hang around Plainview, New York, and hope that you bump into her on the sidewalk.

A new season of Long Island Medium premieres Sunday, September 9 2012 on TLC.


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