Good Morning America: Kim Kardashian Maternity Fashions & Criticism


By Eli Didier

Good Morning America: Kim Kardashian Maternity Wear

Lately, the tabloids have been jumping all over Kim Kardashian for some of her outfit choices during her pregnancy with boyfriend, Kanye West. One outlet, underneath a photo of Kim in a tight black dress, compared her to Sea World favorite, Shamu. While I have to admit I had trouble stifling some giggles when I heard about this on GMA, the truth is that comments like these are the lowest form of bullying.


Good Morning America: Kim Kardashian Maternity Fashions & Criticism

GMA said critics of Kim Kardashian maternity wear choices are mocking her appearance, but feminist activist Gloria Steinem is defending the reality star. (Helga Esteb /

Celebrity body criticism is nothing new, unfortunately. Jessica Simpson and Kate Middleton have both taken criticism for their bodies during their own pregnancies.

GMA: Kim Kardashian Pregnancy & Gloria Steinem

As unlikely as it sounds, Gloria Steinem, an outspoken feminist who has railed against Kim Kardashian in the past, is now coming to her defense.


Steinem was a leader for the women’s liberation movement in the 1960s and ’70s. She now defends Kim by saying, “Our bodies are never public property. Above else, our bodies belong to us.”

Ironically, this seems to be a somewhat different stance that Steinem is taking from 2011, when she said that reality stars don’t empower women and that “there’s no point in blaming the people who take advantage of the system without changing the system.”

Good Morning America: Kim Kardashian Personal Trainer

In a GMA interview with Kim’s personal trainer, which took place between the mirrored walls of a pilates studio, it was revealed that Kim is working to stay fit, no matter what the critics say. Kim has also taken to her personal blog to respond to critics and report that she is staying healthy.

While Kim has come under fire for her look, the celebrity apparently feels very confident in black. She’s been opting for looser fitting and more flowing outfits, in contrast to the tighter wardrobe earlier on in her pregnancy.

Black has been one of her favorite colors to wear, and a supposedly very slimming color. While I’m not a lady myself, I also feel more confident in black—but that probably has to do more with wanting to be Batman.


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