Good Morning America: ‘Scandal’ Star Kerry Washington – Secret Scripts


GMA: Kerry Washington from ‘Scandal’

Good Morning America invited Kerry Washington on to the show to talk about her hit show Scandal. Scandal, the new political drama, centers on Kerry Wilson’s character Olivia Wood, a touch as nails women who left the White House to start her own crisis management firm.   Wood dedicates her whole life to protecting the public images of the nation’s elite and making sure none of their most intimate secrets ever gets out.

Good Morning America: Dark Secrets

GMA: Kerry Washington Scandal

Kerry Washington talks to Good Morning America about her new hit show ‘Scandal.’


The entire show revolves around secrets said Washington. She told Good Morning America that every character on the show has a deep past with many secrets thats could crush careers. Washington said even her character has a dark secret she can not tell anyone. She is having an affair with the president.

Good Morning America: Secret Scripts

Washington said even the scripts are secret most of the time. She said herself and the rest of the cast and crew usually do not see the scripts until last minute. Washington said it makes the show so much better, because even she doesn’t know what is going to happen and when she finally gets the script she is blown away by what the writers can do with the story line.

Washington said she was grateful the show has been such a success and attributes it to all the cast and crew working so hard and being such good friends.


Good Morning America: Politics Time

Washington told Good Morning America she has been campaigning for President Obama and even spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Washington said she feels grateful towards the people that have risked their lives to give her the ability to speak her mind freely.

Do you believe celebrities should be using their leverage to sway peoples votes? Or should they let the public find their own information and make a decision based on the facts they find? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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