Good Morning America: Jason Bateman & Paula Patton “Disconnect” Review


GMA: Jason Bateman & Paula Patton

Jason Bateman and Paula Patton came by Good Morning America April 9 2013 to talk about their new movie, Disconnect. The movie is about several different people trying to connect through modern technology. Lara Spencer said the movie was “terrifying” and “riveting.” I’m wondering if it’s one of those movies with a Catfish twist. Lara Spencer spent a good portion of the interview making “disconnect” jokes.

Good Morning America: Jason Bateman & Paula Patton "Disconnect" Review

Paula Patton and Jason Bateman came by GMA April 9 2013 to talk about their new film, Disconnect, what drew them to the project and how to explain the dangers of technology to your kids. (Dylan Armajani /


Paula Patton: Disconnect Role

Paula Patton said that she was drawn to this movie because she couldn’t put down the script and there’s a surprise at every turn. She said she enjoyed the challenge of playing the character because she loves her husband but her husband is detached. “Disconnected?” Lara Spencer asked. Jason Bateman told her she could make the joke two more times. Paula Patton added she also really wanted to work with Alexander Skarsgard.

GMA: Jason Bateman In Disconnect

Jason Bateman said that it’s always good to have work. He also said he doesn’t get asked to do dramas very often and every time he’s able to, he likes it. He said the script was great. “Your character is a disconnected lawyer…” Lara Spencer said, before pausing and waiting for them to comment. Both laughed. Lara Spencer mentioned that the topic of this film is similar to Identity Thief, the movie that Jason Bateman made with Melissa McCarthy, but that they couldn’t be more different. Jason Bateman said that he would like to do more dramas.

GMA: Paula Patton & Jason Bateman

“Even though there were all these different stories that were connected, or disconnected…” Lara Spencer started saying. “You’re good now,” Jason Bateman said. There was laughter offstage. She asked them if the topic of never knowing who you’re talking to online is something they were going to talk to their children about. Jason Bateman said that he’s going to have to work on his speech for that one, but he does have his birds and the bees speech down.



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