Good Morning America: ‘Hotel Transylvania’ Review – Adam Sandler Stars


Good Morning America: Hotel Transylvania

Good Morning America sat down with the all-star cast from Hotel Transylvania. The movie, a computer-animated comedy film, focuses on Dracula, voiced by Adam Sandler, who owns and operates Hotel Transylvania, a  resort where all the world’s monsters can be safe from the dangers of humans.

When a human traveler wanders onto the resort, Dracula must save his rebellious daughter from father in love.


Good Morning America sits down with the cast from ‘Hotel Transylvania’ to get the scoop on the new movie and how they got such an all-star cast.

Adam Sandler said the movie is very family friendly, it is funny for the children and it is relatable to the parents who are struggling to watch their little children grow up and someday move away.

GMA: Cee Lo Green & Steve Buscemi in Hotel Transylvania

The cast of the film is beyond star studded. Some of the actors and actresses voicing characters in the film are Andy Samberg, Cee Lo Green, Selena Gomez, Molly Shannon, Steve Buscemi, Kevin James, David Spade and Fran Drescher, among many more. Some of the cast sat down with Good Morning America to talk about the movie.


Sandler was the major reason so much of the cast is on board. Sandler said he called many of the people personally to ask them to be apart of the movie. And Andy Samberg said he was literally forced to be apart of the movie because of his childhood idol Sandler. Samberg said he received a call from Sandler saying he had to do the movie. He said he had to say yes.

Good Morning America: Voiceover Accents in Hotel Transylvania?

Many of the actors and actresses said they worked alone most of the money and many of the voices will sound familiar because no one, besides Sandler, used an accent.

I always thought Fran Dresher was doing an accent. I guess not. And if you thought dealing with comedians would be fun, Good Morning America said it was like watching a bunch of little children.


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