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Behind The Candelabra: Telling Liberace’s Love Story

As Liberace famously said, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful.” And HBO’s Behind the Candelabra is going to be a good thing. The film recalls the tale of Liberace’s and his much younger lover, played by Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. The film translates Liberace’s outrageous and opulent life onto the screen with over-the-top outfits and decor, and lavish and ornate details. Shot in just 33 days, the cast and crew wanted to move fast. When asked about the romantic scenes, Matt Damon joked, “Well I dragged those out.” The film is thought to be a bold move for Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, and producer Jerry Weintraub. “[Studios] told me they loved the script and that the subject matter was a little too bold for them and they didn’t want to go there,” Jerry said. Matt added that people thought the film would attract a gay audience, but no one else. The film was picked up by HBO and it will premiere Sunday, May 26 on HBO.

Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, and Jerry Weintraub sat down with GMA to talk about HBO's Behind the Candelabra.

Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, and Jerry Weintraub sat down with GMA to talk about HBO’s Behind the Candelabra.


Matt Damon’s Mother On Set During Romantic Scenes

“I’m so impressed with Matt … taking such chances,” Michael Douglas said of co-star Matt Damon. He said that back when he was Matt’s age, he would probably have never taken the sort of risk Matt did by starring in the film. Matt and Michael are proud of the film they have made and so was Matt Damon’s mother. In a certain romantic scene, Matt climbs out of a pool wearing a revealing swimsuit, lays down with Michael Douglas and they become intimate. While filming this scene, Jerry Weintraub said he looked over and saw Matt Damon’s mother standing next to him, watching her son act beside Michael Douglas. He feared she would not approve of the scene, but she told Jerry the scene was “beautiful.”


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