Good Morning America: Free Jessica Simpson App & Ultimate Jess Test


GMA: Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers Review

The Good Morning America cast joined guest co-host Jessica Simpson for a game called “The Ultimate Jess Test.” Before the game began, Josh Elliott asked Simpson about her Weight Watchers experience.

“I think that Weight Watchers is one of the easiest, best lifestyle plans that you can do to  lose weight,” Simpson said.


Good Morning America: Ultimate Jess Test

GMA: Free Jessica Simpson App

Jessica Simpson & Josh Elliott quizzed Lara Spencer & Amy Robach on trivia about the singer and fashion designer; free Jessica Simpson app. (s_bukley /

The contestants were GMA’s Lara Spencer and Amy Robach and special guest Carson Kressley.

Elliott’s first question was about who Simpson’s daughter Maxwell Drew was named after:

  • a. Max Factor
  • b. Nancy Drew
  • c. her grandmothers

The contestants were unanimously correct with option c.

Simpson’s second question was “What is currently the most popular girl’s name?” The options were:

  • a. Emma
  • b. Olivia
  • c. Sophia

Kressley was correct with his answer, Emma.

GMA: Babies Go Through 2900 Diapers a Year

Josh then asked “How many diapers does a baby go through in a year?” The contestants could choose from:

  • a. 1500
  • b. 2900
  • c. one million…yikes.

Carson and Lara were correct with their answer, b.

Simpson asked the contestants what team Elliott was on when he was in college

  • a. basketball
  • b. cheerleading
  • c. water polo

The contestants unanimously guessed cheerleading which was incorrect. Kressley said that put a fun image in his head. They then showed a photo of Elliott in his water polo days.

Jessica Simpson: “God Bless America” & Healthy Tex-Mex

Elliott asked contestants “Where did she sing ‘God Bless America?’”

  • a. the Super Bowl
  • b. the World Series
  • c. the NBA Finals

The contestants all guessed incorrectly, and the answer was the World Series.

Jessica, who is a huge Tex-Mex fan, asked the contestants what the healthiest thing to order was:

  • a. two beef tacos
  • b. chicken nachos
  • c. shrimp fajitas

Robach guessed shrimp fajitas and was correct.

Elliott Tames Wild Contestants

The contestants were very unruly and Josh had to beg them not to press their buzzers until the question and answers had been read.

His last question was “What year did the bikini come out?” As contestants viewed a picture of baby Maxwell in her bikini, their options were:

  • a. 1926
  • b. 1946
  • c. 1966.

Lara guessed 1926, Carson guessed 1966 and Amy was right with her guess of 1946.

New Jessica Simpson App

To learn more about Simpson, download the free Jessica Simpson app, which launched today.


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