GMA: ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke Reunion


GMA: Dancing with the Stars Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke

GMA: Dancing with the Stars Emmitt Smith

Season three winners of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke will hit the dance floor again in the show’s upcoming all-star season. (Helga Esteb /

NFL star Emmitt Smith and professional dancer Cheryl Burke won the third season of Dancing with the Stars, and now they will get the chance to dance another day on the show’s all-star season.


The running back was the first athlete to win the Mirror Ball Trophy. Good Morning America’s Amy Robach gifted Smith with a pair of pink leggings, and Burke said they were his favorite color. Robach asked the pair what their secret was.

“I think six years ago we had a great formula and that was just to work hard, have fun, and just really take everything step by step, and I think, why change that formula?” Burke said. “It worked six years ago, so we’re going to try and do it again.”

Gilles Marini & Drew Lachey: Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars

Two of Burke’s other former partners, Gilles Marini and Drew Lachey, will also appear on Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars.


“I think in the beginning when we were all doing the promo shoot it was a little bit strange, but now, you know, Emmitt’s my partner right now and that’s all I need to focus on,” Burke said. “But good luck to everybody else, I still have love for Gilles and Drew.”

Smith said he has no reservations about returning to the dance floor. He didn’t want to show any of his new moves and instead opted to save them for the first night of the new season.

Burke talked about how their biggest competition was themselves, and how it was going to be an interesting first week because no one has ever been eliminated from an All-Star season first before.

GMA: Emmitt Smith’s Mirror Ball Trophy

Robach was curious about where Smith keeps his Mirror Ball Trophy.

“It’s actually up in my game room, it’s the most talked about trophy in the entire house,” Smith said. “My wife and I had a party about two or three months ago, people wanted to see the trophy, I brought it down, and everybody got up.”

Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars premieres Monday, September 24 2012 at 8/7 central. Tune in to see if Smith can add another trophy to his game room!


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