Good Morning America: Chris Rock ‘2 Days In New York’ Review


By Kathryn DeNicola

Chris Rock: 2 Days in New York

Famed actor and comedian Chris Rock will appear in 2 Days in New York as the patient boyfriend of a French woman, played by Julie Delpy. The woman’s family comes to town from France to stay with them and Chris Rock’s character has to try to keep things sane.


Chris Rock: 2 Days in New York Review: GMA

Funny guy Chris Rock’s new movie, 2 Days in New York, premieres August 10 2012. (Vinicius Tupinamba /

Julie Delpy wrote, directed and acted in the film. The film is the sequel to 2 Days in Paris and appeared at the Sundance Film Festival. Delpy’s father in the film is played by her real life father, Albert Delpy. Chris Rock said he couldn’t understand Albert the whole time they were filming because he doesn’t speak French.

Rock commented that he was stunned by the Bates family, and that if he ever had 19 kids it would be with eight or nine different women.


Chris Rock: Madagascar 3 & Stand-up Comedy

Chris Rock said 2 Days in New York is a very safe movie, and that there is no violence.

George Stephanopoulos, who interviewed Chris Rock, said that Rock has been making interesting career choices by being on Broadway and that he read a quote that said Rock is interested in doing “dirty work.”

Rock told Stephanopoulos that he might want to do standup again, and that he’s interested in movies that allow him to curse. He said he recently did Madagascar 3, which kids love. Rock explained that it’s hard to get back into standup because we’re in the age of cell phones and cameras and people don’t let him work.

Rock says he really crafts his standup, and that he has done his routine 100 times before you see it broadcast on HBO. Now, people with cameras at his performances show his acts before he’s done getting ready.

Chris Rock: Totally Biased on FX

Chris Rock said that working in daytime seems to be on a nicer schedule. He commented that he got ready in Robin Roberts’ dressing room and even used her lotion.

Rock’s movie, 2 Days in New York, premieres Friday, August 10 2012. His new show, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, premieres Thursday, August 9 2012 on FX.


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