GMA: Zendaya Vs Jacoby Jones DWTS Finale & Jennie Runk Plus Size Model


Dancing With the Stars Finale: Zendaya Vs Jacoby Jones Vs Kellie Pickler

The Dancing With the Stars season finale and crowning of the winner will take place on Monday, May 20. This is shaping up to be one of the better finales. You have Kellie Pickler, who has become America’s dancing sweetheart. There is also Zendaya, who is on a Disney Channel show about dancingGood Morning America has put their money on Jacoby Jones, the football player that recently achieved Super Bowl fame with the Baltimore Ravens.

GMA: Zendaya Vs Jacoby Jones DWTS Finale & Jennie Runk Plus Size Model

Zendaya is holding her own with adults in the DWTS final three. (Helga Esteb /


Everyone in the finale is so good that it will be a close race to the mirrorball trophy. If history does indeed repeat itself, then Jacoby Jones should sashay away the winner. Women and men tend to go for the football players. Zendaya has a huge following on Disney Channel, so she could have a high vote. Kellie Pickler suddenly seems like the underdog, but you should never underestimate the underdog.

Jennie Runk: Plus Size Model For H&M Swimwear Speaks Out About Weight

Plus sized model Jennie Runk is the face of H&M’s 2013 swimwear campaign. She’s speaking out about body image and why young girls need to stop worrying about their thighs. The 24-year-old model has been getting negative criticism from the public with her latest photos.

“People assume plus equates to fat, which in turn equates to ugly,” Jennie Runk wrote. “This is completely absurd because many woman who are considered plus-size are actually in the line with the American average.”


Take that, critics! Runk is 5’10” and is a size 12 to 14. The American average for a woman is size 14. As author Meg Cabot puts it, size 12 is not fat and size 14 is not fat either.

Jennie Runk’s Decision to Break into Plus Sized Modeling

When she started modeling at age 13, Runk was faced with a tough decision: either starve herself to remain a size four or gain a little weight and break into the plus sized circuit. She was realistic about her decision and said that she knew she would continue to grow into a woman. She said that taking time to get to know herself and her values, she feels that she is the only person that can judge herself. Runk hopes that the trends continue to change and that there would be models of every size and shape.

Jennie Runk said that she has seen a lot of support from the modeling community, which has a reputation for being catty. Sam Champion said that if Jennie Runk is the new face for American beauty, we should all be very proud.


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