GMA: Zac Posen Designs Gold Dress & Jennifer Aniston “Call Me Crazy”


GMA: Surf Board Workouts

Good Morning America got pretty silly April 18 2013. Just like the Kangoos they had the other day, today they had a surf board-inspired workout. Three women tried to balance on a surf board on a stand that gives a total-body workout. I’d love to tell you what this product was, but there was so much noise from the crowd and general silliness happening on GMA, it was impossible to hear clearly. Josh Elliott said that all the anchors should all throw on onesies and get up there and see if it really is a full body workout. Amy Robach was laughing throughout this segment. Was Sam Champion telling stories during commercial breaks again?

GMA: Zac Posen Designs Gold Dress

GMA: Zac Posen Designs Gold Dress & Jennifer Aniston "Call Me Crazy"

Jennifer Aniston is producing the new film Call Me Crazy, which centers on five different stories dealing with mental illness. (s_bukley /


This entire segment was outdoors, which is probably a terrible idea, considering Amy Robach finally got her jacket and was all bundled up. Everyone looked cold. Since the producers wanted to spruce up the spring-like atmosphere, the podium behind the anchors was lined with plastic flowers, which promptly started to fall as Rachel Smith began interviewing Zac Posen five feet or so away from the podium. George Stephanopoulos and Amy Robach tried to mess with the flowers, as Rachel Smith carried on as though that wasn’t happening.

Zac Posen designed a dress made completely out of gold. He said that the inspiration was the Magnum Gold ice cream bar, which has to be the weirdest reason to make a dress ever. The dress will be worn April 18 2013 at the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s made of 24-carat gold and Zac Posen said it was literally priceless, which I didn’t know was possible.

Rachel Smith asked him what the next dress was that he planned to make. “Whatever a woman’s fantasy is, I will deliver,” he responded. I think that would sound creepy if the guy hadn’t just made a dress out of 24-carat gold. Are diamonds next? Rachel Smith suggested platinum.


GMA: Jennifer Aniston Produces New Movie Call Me Crazy

Jennifer Aniston is producing a new film called Call Me Crazy for Lifetime. The movie weaves five tales together, all centered on the idea of mental illness. It was made quickly with a low budget, but the film is filled with stars. Jennifer Aniston said she asked a lot of people and if they said no, it wasn’t a big deal, but there wasn’t any harm in asking. Bryce Dallas Howard, Twilight star and son of Ron Howard, directed the first segment and joined Jennifer Aniston when she was interviewed by GMA, as well as the star of the film, Pitch Perfect’s Brittany Snow. Melanie Griffith, Jennifer Hudson, Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and Chelsea Handler all popped up for cameos in the film as well.

Bryce Dallas Howard had post-partem depression after her child and said the subject of this film was very personal for her. Brittany Snow plays a law student with schizophrenia, who tells her on-screen student that she’ll always be prettier and crazier. Brittany Snow said that line was “poignant” for her role. Jennifer Aniston said the stories don’t all “tie up in a perfect bow,” but that they do all end in a way that makes you think there is hope.


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