GMA: Wynonna Judd Eliminated From “Dancing With the Stars” Week Three


GMA: Heidi Klum Rescue Pictures

Jess Cagle, Managing Editor of Entertainment Weekly, came by Good Morning America April 3 2013 to talk about the news stories of the day. First up were the Heidi Klum rescue pictures, taken when Klum saved her children from drowning. The photos show her running down the beach and pulling people out of the water. Jess Cagle said, “Every time I see these photos, I think, what was the photographer doing?”

In another photo of Heidi Klum running down the beach, there’s a man standing behind her with his hands on his hips, clearly not moving. Lara Spencer wondered why that guy wasn’t helping.


GMA: Wynonna Judd Eliminated From "Dancing With the Stars" Week Three

Wynonna Judd talked to the GMA anchors April 3 2013 about her elimination from Dancing with the Stars. (Helga Esteb /

GMA: Jay-Z Sports Agent?

Jay-Z is quickly becoming the king of entertainment. Now, he’s moving into sports. He’s just signed Yankees star Robinson Cano. Jess Cagle said that he didn’t think this was as crazy as it sounded. Jay-Z already has Live Nation, an entertainment management company, and so moving into sports is just a small leap. And, essentially, he’s probably right. An agent doesn’t advise you on how to play ball, he just helps you schedule press events and decide on the next move for your career. Lara Spencer said that she equated Jay-Z with cool and dollar signs, both of which are good to have in an agent.

GMA: Zesty Man Going Viral

A new commercial for Zesty salad dressing has gone viral. The video has a man making a salad, talking to the camera and undressing as the commercial goes on. This is the latest in a series of commercials using the attractiveness of the actor or actress to sell a product, including the famous shirtless Old Spice man and the Kate Upton car wash commercial for Mercedes. GMA said that these commercials do that for a reason, in order to sell a product. They said that without the shirtless man holding the salad dressing, who would be talking about a salad dressing commercial? Which reminds me, this story is barely news. Why are we talking about this?


GMA: Wynonna Judd Eliminated From Dancing With the Stars

Some people were shocked that Wynonna Judd was eliminated last night from Dancing with the Stars. Were you? It seems like she and D.L. Hughley had been at the bottom since the beginning. But one cool thing about Wynonna Judd is that she went in knowing she wasn’t going to be good at dancing. And people like a good story, especially an underdog story. So maybe some people were shocked by Wynonna Judd’s elimination.

Wynonna Judd talked to the anchors through video conference. She said that she was excited to get back to making music, because she’s a singer, not a dancer. She also said that over the last six seasons, she’s been asked to come on and she never wanted to do it because it was outside her comfort zone. Sam Champion said that he thought Wynonna Judd was amazing, especially since she’s never done this before. “It’s given me more pep in my step and more of an attitude toward facing my fears,” Judd said.

Wynonna Judd also said she couldn’t predict the winner and that she thought this was going to be anyone’s competition, even though personally I think it’s obvious Kellie Pickler will be the winner. Andy Dick and Zendaya will probably be around until the end, but my money is on Kellie Pickler. What do you think? Who will win Dancing with the Stars?


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