GMA: Victor Ortiz Voted Off DWTS & Evian’s Dancing Toddlers Go Viral


GMA: Evian’s Dancing Toddler Commercial Goes Viral

Dancing toddlers have gone viral and people can not get enough of them. The new Evian commercial featuring dancing toddlers is the follow up to the roller babies dancing to “Rapper’s Delight.” But is the new commercial enough to top the Guinness World Record for most views of an advertisement on the internet?

GMA: Victor Ortiz Voted Off DWTS & Evian's Dancing Toddlers Go Viral

GMA talked with Victor Ortiz about being voted off Dancing with the Stars, and they watched Evian’s dancing toddler video which has gone viral. s_bukley /


Ever since the roller babies video came out a few years ago, people have been clamoring for more even after they watched the video 65 million times, giving it the world record. Evian tried to top their first world record with their new video and it could happen. After only four days of being on the internet, the dancing babies have already been viewed 24 million times.

The director of the commercial, Remi Babinet, said the commercial is about getting people to smile and it is working on critics around the world. While Evian used to be marketed as a high end water for women, the new commercial is making the water more appealing to a younger demographic.

But what does it have to do with babies? Evian has a long history with babies. The water has been recommended as the perfect water for babies because of the pH neutral mineral composition.


GMA: Victor Ortiz Voted Off Dancing with the Stars

Victor Ortiz and his dancing partner, Lindsay Arnold, were the couple voted off last night’s Dancing with the Stars, but Victor didn’t seem too bothered by the loss. When asked if he would continue dancing, he told Good Morning America he was never dancing again.

He was proud of himself for making it so far in the competition though. He said he was grateful for the experience and for his dancing partner.

GMA: Lindsay Arnold Breaks Victor Ortiz Out of His Shell

You wouldn’t think Victor Ortiz found dancing easier than he found just getting on stage. Arnold said the biggest challenge she had to help Arnold overcome was getting out of his shell. She said he was so nervous to dance in front of millions of people but he improved greatly over the course of their dancing.


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