GMA: Valerie Harper’s Terminal Brain Cancer & I, Rhoda Memoir Review


GMA: Valerie Harper Bronchitis

Robin Roberts interviewed Valerie Harper live on GMA through video conference. The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda star came on the show to talk about her recent announcement that she had terminal brain cancer. She was quick to tell everyone that even though her voice was very hoarse during the interview, it had nothing to do with the cancer. She said she was getting over bronchitis.

GMA: Valerie Harper Positive Outlook

GMA: Valerie Harper's Terminal Brain Cancer & I, Rhoda Memoir Review

Valerie Harper came by GMA March 12 2013 to talk about her memoir I, Rhoda and her recent announcement of being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. (s_bukley /


Valerie Harper said she thought it was important to have a positive outlook. Her memoir I, Rhoda ended with her saying she was cancer free, but four years later, the disease came back. She said she wanted everyone to know to get frequent testing. She said she got tested every six months and was able to spot the disease again from one of these tests. She said that she’s only taking two pills and she’s able to still do book signings and go to the movies with her husband.

Valerie Harper: Why She Talked Publicly

Valerie Harper said, “We’re all terminal. We really are. And we have a lot of fear around death. And I thought maybe I could help somebody.” Harper said that she wanted people to know that “you can die with cancer, but not of it.” She said that it’s important to push forward and live your life.

Robin Roberts said that it sounds like Harper is trying to comfort us and everyone is trying to comfort her. Harper responded that if she wasn’t here, people would be having memorials, but there wouldn’t be a conversation. She wanted there to be a conversation about it. Valerie Harper said, “Don’t go to the funeral, until the day of the funeral.”


She also said she’s fortunate enough to have a loving family and health insurance and a doctor who told her the disease is incurable today, but maybe not tomorrow.


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