GMA: The Reluctant Fundamentalist & People’s Most Beautiful Woman


GMA: People’s Most Beautiful Woman Unveiled

People’s Most Beautiful issue hit stands today so Good Morning America invited editor Larry Hackett on the show to unveil the woman chosen as the most beautiful.

His only clue before he unveiled the name was that this woman has made herself an avatar of modern healthy living. Do you know it is? She was on Dr. Oz not too long ago.


Gwyneth Paltrow is the woman on the cover.

Gwyneth Paltrow Named People’s Most Beautiful Woman

GMA: The Reluctant Fundamentalist & People's Most Beautiful Woman

Raz Ahmed stopped by Good Morning America to talk about his role in The Reluctant Fundamentalist, and Larry Hackett unveiled People’s Most Beautiful Woman (image credit: Helga Esteb,

Hackett said they chose her because of her willingness to talk candidly about how she has obtained the body she has. She is always talking about the grueling diets she is on and the two hour workouts she does every morning, which sometimes last longer depending on whether she cheated on her diet the day before. Hackett said the magazine likes to pick people who are in the mainstream and who readers are going to talk about, two more reasons she was chosen. Paltrow is always in the spotlight and she has a lot of people who criticize everything she does.


“It is about the discussion and the debate,” Hackett said. “You want to be in the conversation.”

Some of the other women in the magazine include Kerry Washington, Connie Britton and Linda Gray. A little piece of trivia about Gray: she is the leg in the film The Graduate.

Riz Ahmed The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Kate Hudson stopped by Good Morning America the other day to talk about The Reluctant Fundamentalist and today her co-star in the movie, Riz Ahmed, came in to talk about what it was liking filming with Kate Hudson.

Ahmed plays a Pakistani man in America who is climbing the corporate ladder at his Wall Street job but everything comes crashing down for him after 9/11 takes place. Ahmed explained the movie is about the American dream. It is about an immigrant coming to America for a better life. But the movie takes a turn after 9/11 happens and Ahmed’s character has to find his own way with the help of his girlfriend, played by Kate Hudson.

Ahmed had to fight hard to get the role he said, joking that he won the prize of being able to work alongside Kate Hudson but he didn’t get to take the prize home. He added that she is a stunning actor, pointing out she had a baby on set while shooting. One minute she would be breast feeding the child and the next moment she would be in front of the cameras bawling her eyes out, Ahmed said.

GMA: Raz Ahmed a Rapper

I bet you didn’t know Raz Ahmed is also a rapper. These are the lyrics he rapped for Good Morning America:

“People always stop me and say they loved me in Life of Pi but that was not I”

You can see more of Raz Ahmed and Kate Hudson when The Reluctant Fundamentalist opens in select theaters nationwide Friday, April 26 2013.


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