GMA: Stana Katic “Castle” 100th Episode & Kate and Castle Are Together


GMA: Stana Katic 100th Episode Of Castle

Stana Katic, who plays Detective Kate Beckett on Castle, came by Good Morning America to talk about the 100th episode which airs April 1 2013. Josh Elliott spoke to her, but what was a bit embarrassing for him was that he had clearly not seen an episode of Castle, or if he had, it wasn’t for a long time.

Elliott asked her if it had felt like a hundred episodes. She said that it didn’t, but that it did feel like something which was great to celebrate. She said that Andrew Marlowe, who is an executive producer and also the creator of the show, wrote the episode with his wife, who she said was his muse, and they wrote it for the fans who have supported the show all these years.


GMA: Stana Katic "Castle" 100th Episode & Kate and Castle Are Together

Stana Katic came by GMA April 1 2013 to talk about the 100th episode of Castle and confirmed, for those of us who hadn’t seen any of this season, that Kate and Castle are together. (s_bukley /

“I think it’s going to be a nice glass of champagne for everyone,” she said.

GMA: Josh Elliott’s Castle Goof

Josh Elliott followed this up with a goof of a question: “Are we going to ever see them get together? Or are you going to hold out on us?” Josh Elliott was referring to Kate Beckett and Nathan Fillion’s character, Richard Castle, who did a will-they/won’t-they thing for the first four seasons, except that the season which began this past fall is almost completely centered around Castle and Beckett’s relationship. Multiple plotlines have revolved around hiding their relationship from their co-workers and their boss and how hiding it affects both their personal and professional lives.


Stana Katic handled the question well, though, and was really polite.

“Oh, dude, we’re totally together. We’re making out every other episode,” she said in response.

GMA: Stana Katic Castle Fans

Perhaps to save himself from embarrassment, Josh Elliott said, “Well, there you go,” before literally pulling an audience member, a young girl, toward Stana Katic. The girl had a huge grin on her face and looked incredibly nervous.

“Look at you. She is the most excited Castle fan,” Josh Elliott said.

“And this is another Castle fan,” Stana Katic said, pulling another young girl forward.

It’s a good thing the interview was only a few minutes, because it was staring to get weird. The two girls stood between Josh Elliott and Stana Katic, looking back and forth while Elliott told us that Castle airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.


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