GMA: Sheryl Sandberg Lean In & Splash Celebrity Diving Reality Show


GMA: Sheryl Sandberg Lean In

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, recently wrote a book called Lean In which encourages women to be more ambitious in the workplace. Even though she was on just a few weeks ago, Good Morning America had a spot for her today on the show with very little new information. In New York Magazine recently, there was a cover story about women who choose to stay home with their children. But Sheryl Sandberg said that for women who choose to be in the workplace, they should lean in to be more assertive to accomplish their dreams.

GMA: Splash Celebrity Divers Get Ready

GMA: Sheryl Sandberg Lean In & Splash Celebrity Diving Reality Show

Nicole Eggert starred on Baywatch and now she’ll be a cast member on Splash. (Featureflash /


Okay, here’s a premise to a reality show: get a bunch of celebrities together and have them compete in a physical activity. Is it Dancing with the Stars? Sadly, no. It’s Splash, where celebrities compete in diving. Did I just write “diving?” Yes, I did.

Former Playmate and Dancing with the Stars contestant Kendra Wilkinson is one of the contestants on Splash and she assured GMA’s correspondent that Dancing with the Stars and Splash are completely different. “They’re the same, but they’re different,” she said. Thanks for clearing that up. She added, “Dancing with the Stars, you have hope all the time. There’s a window of hope. But with diving, you do it or you don’t. It’s do or die.”

I guess I can understand that. But I don’t understand who the audience of this show is.


GMA: Dancing vs Diving

Everyone has danced before, even if it was when they were 12, awkwardly slow dancing to Spice Girls’ “2 Become 1” at a sweaty middle school dance. That makes Dancing with the Stars relatable. But diving? I remember doing cannonballs when I was little, I think. Or maybe I’m just remembering that classic scene in The Sandlot when the one kid shouted “cannonball!” before jumping into the water, soaking all the sunbathing women he’d just waved at. What are they even competing for? America’s best diver?

Dancing movies are always popular. Think of Step Up, Save The Last Dance and even Pitch Perfect, with its characters dancing on stage while they sing. But when was the last time you watched a movie about diving? The closest thing I can think of is Baywatch, which is possibly why the producers of Splash got former Baywatch star Nicole Eggert to be on Splash, even though on Baywatch no one did much swimming. Maybe the producers are just as confused about who is going to be watching as I am.

In any case, Splash premieres March 19 2013 at 8 p.m. on ABC. What do you think of this show? Will you be watching?


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