GMA: Sherri Shepherd Plan D Review & Daily Meals to Control Diabetes


GMA: Sherri Shepherd Dancing With the Stars

Sherri Shepherd dropped by the Good Morning America studio to dish on the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars, her new book and how she has learned to control her diabetes with diet. Shepherd, who was a previous contestant on Dancing with the Stars, said she loved last night’s Latin fever competition. While she loved all the dancers, she said when Jacobi Jones and Karina Smirnoff hit the floor, it was over for everyone else competing. She said they tore the floor up with their steamy dance moves.

GMA: Sherri Shepherd Plan D Review & Daily Meals to Control Diabetes

Good Morning America talked with Sherri Shepherd about her newest book Plan D, Jenny McCarthy being on The View and the meals she eats to control her diabetes.
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She also complimented Kellie Pickler on her dance moves, pointing out that Pickler has been on tour since the start of the show meaning she has had less rehearsal time than the other contestants but you would never know from watching her dance.

She also comforted Andy Dick via social media yesterday after he tweeted he was sad about his performance. Shepherd said she sent him a tweet encouraging him to continue rehearsing and doing his best, adding that America loves watching him progress.

“You still need that immunity though,” she joked.


Jenny McCarthy On The View?

Jenny McCarthy may be joining The View this next season and Sherri Shepherd seemed pretty excited.

“She is fearless,” Shepherd said. “She is wild, fierce and funny too.”

Sherri Shepherd Plan D Review

Sherri Shepherd recently released her newest book, Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes. The book offers information on eating healthier, beating diabetes and even dives into the personal life of Shepherd and her own struggle with diabetes.

Shepherd called her family the Diabetes Hall of Fame, saying her entire family, from her aunts to her cousins to everyone else, has been diagnosed with diabetes. Her mother even died from diabetic complications at the young age of 41.

When asked about the diabetes, Shepherd said in her community they call it “the sugar,” figuring if a cute name is associated with the disease, maybe it won’t be so bad.

It was her son who her changed her view about diabetes, not her mother’s passing. Although she said it was terribly difficult to deal with her mother’s passing, she said it was when she thought about her son that she knew she needed to make a change in her life. She never wants her son to envision a heaven with his mother there.

Sherri Shepherd: Daily Meals To Control Diabetes

Shepherd said controlling your diabetes is all about a healthy diet. Check out what she likes to eat for different meals throughout the day.

  • Breakfast – Oatmeal with raspberries, blueberries and a few almond slices. 
  • First snack – An apple or an egg.
  • Lunch – Minestrone soup. Shepherd said to make sure to read the labels and not consume anything with high amounts of sodium.
  • Second snack – Quinoa or popcorn or a slice of Ezekial bread.

She never got to her dinner because of time reasons, but as long as it is low sodium, packed with protein and fiber and has a low amount of calories, it would fit in well with the other meals she ate throughout the day.


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