GMA: Sesame Street Season 43 & Tamar Braxton Reality Show


Good Morning America: Josh Goes to Sesame Street

Good Morning America sits down with Tamar Braxton to talk about her new reality show and Josh visits Sesame Street.

Josh took his daughter, Serena, to Sesame Street for the day to talk to all the puppets who live on the block. Serena asked Elmo why he was red and what his favorite food was. Elmo told her he was born red and his favorite food is wasabi.


I dont know if wasabi is food but I also don’t want to argue with a puppet.

And Serena was even able to have a little learning fun on the show with the letter J, when everyone tried to come up with great names that start with J.

Sesame Street Season 43: Carol-Lynn Parente

Good Morning America sat down with executive producer of Sesame Street Carol-Lynn Parente. Parente said everyone is excited for the new 43rd season and excited for Elmo to start doing more musicals. Parente said they have hired broadway composers, although she didn’t say who, to compose the music for more Elmo songs and musicals.


Parente said the singing fits into their STEAM curriculum, which stands for science, technology, engineering, architecture and math.

Good Morning America: Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert

After Oscar the Grouch helped with the weather, Good Morning America sat down with Tamar Braxton, from the reality show Braxton Family Values, and her husband Vincent Herbert, a music executive, to talk about their new reality show and Braxton’s solo career.

Braxton, the breakout star on Braxton Family Values, said she was trying to start a solo career with the help of her husband. Braxton also mentioned she and her husband were going to have a new reality show, Tamar and Vince, which will follow them around as they live their lives and try to make Braxton the next big thing in music. Braxton also said she wanted the reality show to help people understand you can have a healthy, loving relationship even when things become a bit shaky.


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