GMA: Sean Lowe Saving Intimacy for Marriage & Wedding to Catherine


Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici: After The Bachelor Romance

Sean Lowe proposed to his love Catherine Giudici in the beautiful Thailand sunset. The epic conclusion to an epic season of The Bachelor, Sean Lowe was all anyone talked about for months. Now, with his bride by his side, Sean opened up to Good Morning America about his romance and the upcoming nuptials.

GMA: Catherine Guidici Supported Sean on Dancing With The Stars

A week after the finale, Sean Lowe jetted off to do Dancing With The Stars, while Catherine watched on the sidelines. Now that life is quieting down, it’s time to start planning this wedding! They’ve vowed to save all the hot stuff for wedding night and Sean said he’s been selfish during his life and he wants to do things right this time. Lowe announced that their wedding will be televised.


GMA: Sean Lowe Saving Intimacy for Marriage & Wedding to Catherine

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici announced that their wedding, whenever it happens, will be broadcast on television. He opened up about religion and faith. (Joe Seer /

Catherine said that she’s learned a lot about Sean since their engagement. She loves that he’s a great “doggy daddy” and said that it’s a great predictor of the kind of father he will be in the future. Sean realized just how loving and supportive Catherine can be. She got a little quiet about Dancing, so she is very glad that it’s over.

Good Morning America: Sean Lowe on Faith & Saving Intimacy for Marriage

Fans have really connected with Sean and Catherine’s decision to save intimacy for marriage. Lowe said that the media has really focused on that because it is so uncommon these days.


“My faith has been the center of my life for a long time, and it’s the center of her life as well,” Lowe said. “That’s no secret and we’re proud of that fact. And we realize that it’s viewed as kind of weird these days, but we’re not going to shy away from it and we’re unapologetic.”

While Sean didn’t set out to reveal their decision to wait, he’s glad the fans are supportive.

GMA: Sean & Catherine to Wed on Television in California

Although Sean and Catherine announced they will broadcast their wedding, they are in no rush to start planning. Lowe said they plan to take the summer to travel and be together and the wedding planning will get done eventually. Catherine said that she isn’t very concerned with her dress or her bridesmaids. The only detail they’ve planned on is having the wedding in California.

All that matters to Sean and Catherine is that they are together. Their love is growing and blossoming during this engagement and all that matters is they have finally found each other.


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