GMA: Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici the Bachelor & Dancing With the Stars


GMA: Sean Lowe Chose Catherine Giudici

GMA: Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici the Bachelor & Dancing With the Stars

Sean Lowe came by GMA March 13 2013 with his fiancée, the woman who won The Bachelor, Catherine Giudici. (Joe Seer /

The Bachelor is over for the season, but star Sean Lowe and the woman he chose, Catherine Giudici, will continue on. Their relationship has blossomed and now, they’re set to get married. Not surprisingly, their marriage will also be televised. Sean and Catherine were on Good Morning America March 12 2013 and Sean said he expected to know immediately the first night of The Bachelor which woman he would pick. But he said it wasn’t like that. Sean said his relationship with Catherine was slow to progress, but now he can’t imagine his life without her. Catherine said when Sean proposed, it was a “life-changing moment.”


GMA: Sean Lowe Dancing With the Stars

Sean Lowe had a huge announcement: he will be joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars. It’s been a big secret and Sean said he’s really tired of keeping secrets, referring to having to keep his choice on The Bachelor secret while the show aired. But now, he said he was glad that finally, all of his secrets were out. Despite the rigorous training involved, going from The Bachelor to Dancing with the Stars, Sean Lowe seemed to believe he was ready for the new show. I wonder what would happen if Sean Lowe won Dancing with the Stars. Would that make him king of reality television? Maybe he and Catherine should do Amazing Race.

GMA: Sean Lowe Getting Married On TV

Sean Lowe said that since he met Catherine on television and his relationship with Catherine developed on television, that it only seemed fitting to televise the event, too.

What do you think? Will you be watching Sean Lowe and Catherine’s wedding? Are you excited to see Sean on Dancing with the Stars?




  1. linda loc says

    omg … i love watching sean …. he would be more awesome if he wont dwts … i did not know he was on here … i missed his big secret & now i’m excited to see his wedding with catherine

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