GMA: Sam & Josh Bromance Trip To L.A. & Uniquely Vintage Oscar Dresses

GMA: Sam & Josh Bromance Trip To L.A. & Uniquely Vintage Oscar Dresses

Would you love to own Reese Witherspoon’s Oscar dress? Joe Zee had an $88 alternative from Uniquely Vintage. (Joe Seer /

GMA: Joe Zee Oscar Dresses For Less

Joe Zee, the stylist for Lara Spencer’s Oscar look, came by to deliver some cheap Oscar looks for anyone who really wants to wear Reese Witherspoon’s dress, but is unable to afford its price tag. Joe Zee said that most dresses worn at the Oscars were one-of-a-kinds anyway, but the few that aren’t are extremely expensive.


For all of those who loved Kerry Washington’s look with a metallic bodice on a pink strapless dress, Joe Zee had the answer. The first model walked out in a dress pretty close to the real thing, which is going for $178 at Uniquely Vintage.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ dress was on next. Joe Zee’s alternative was from Le Femme and went for $299.

Reese Witherspoon wore a great strapless blue dress. Joe Zee said he loved it because it was different from the black or neutral colors that are typically safe Oscar bets. He said that it was nice to see someone who wasn’t afraid to wear a nice color. His substitute was only $88 from Uniquely Vintage.


GMA: Sam Champion & Josh Elliott Road Trip

Sam Champion and Josh Elliott went to Los Angeles, where Josh Elliott is from, so Josh could show Sam around the city. The two of them went to an In-N-Out Burger, where Josh got his Double-Double “Animal Style,” which means that the condiments are grilled on the bun. It looked delicious. When they arrived at the place, Josh hugged it.

Sam and Josh drove around in a red convertible, saying hi to people as they passed them. Josh showed Sam Champion the window of his childhood home, the one he used to sneak out of at night. He also showed Sam Champion the baseball field where he had his greatest sports victory.

Robin Roberts said at the end of the segment that something special happens when the two of them get together. Sam Champion said he enjoyed his visit and that the show should move to the West Coast. His main reason for this seemed to be the weather.


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