GMA: Robin Roberts Returns & Oscar Pistorius Premeditated Murder Trial


GMA: Robin Roberts Returns February 20

February 20 is the big day! Recapo will have all the coverage of Robin Roberts’ return to Good Morning America. Check back here all week for the details and celebration. Welcome back, Robin!

Robin sat down with her co-hosts for a brunch to talk about her return and what being off has meant to her. When the doctors told her she would be out five to six months Robin wanted to refuse. When she took a step back and thought about it she knew she would have to do what she needed to do. She could visualize her return and knew everything was going to be all right.


GMA: Robin Roberts Returns & Oscar Pistorius Premeditated Murder Trial

GMA is now counting down the hours until Robin Roberts returns! (Debby Wong /

GMA: Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial

The murder suspect being talked about around the world, Oscar Pistorius, stood in court today to find out if he would receive bail. It turned into an emotional scene when the case was announced as premeditated murder. His chances for bail are now slim and if he is convicted the Paralympian will face life in prison.

The prosecution argues that Pistorius got out of bed, put on his prosthetic legs and walked 21 feet to the bathroom. He then shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp three times through the door. Steenkamp had been staying the night for Valentine’s Day. She arrived the night before at 6 p.m. and had an overnight bag.


Pistorius will not be tried in front of a jury. South Africa’s long history of racism has prompted the government to do away with trial by jury and he will face a judge and several magistrates. He also cannot receive the death penalty in South Africa because of the history of racism.

GMA: Nike Drops Oscar Pistorius

All of Pistorius’ future races have been cancelled as he focuses on defending himself in court. Nike has said they will not use him in any future ad campaigns.

Authorities found steroids in his home and are now testing his blood for performance enhancing drugs. They speculate that this could have caused “roid rage” and pushed him to harm Steenkamp.

GMA: Reeva Steenkamp Memorial

The memorial for the fallen model was held today in South Africa at Port Elizabeth. Her family was emotional.


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