GMA: Robert Redford The Company You Keep & The Band Perry Performance


GMA: Robert Redford The Company You Keep

Robert Redford came by Good Morning America April 2 2013 to talk about his new movie The Company You Keep, where he plays a grown up radical from the 60s whose story is dug up by a journalist played by Shia Labeouf. Robert Redford said that he was “more than sympathetic” for the radical liberal movement in the United States. He said that bombings were extreme. He also said he wanted to make a movie about it, but thought they needed some distance from it, which is why the movie is being made now.

GMA: Robert Redford Criticism

GMA: Robert Redford The Company You Keep & The Band Perry Performance

Robert Redford came by GMA April 2 2013 to talk about his new film, The Company You Keep, and finding the perfect actress to play his character’s daughter. (Prometheus72 /


George Stephanopoulos said that some critics have said Robert Redford is “romanticizing” radicalism. Robert Redford said it wasn’t romanticizing it and that it was looking back at a historical perspective.

Robert Redford: The Company You Keep Cast

Robert Redford said that movies don’t get the budget they used to, he felt forced into an “independent category” and he felt very honored that so many people who he considers colleagues came onto the movie because they believed in the project or liked the roles. And he was not kidding. Besides Robert Redford and Shia LaBeouf, there’s also Anna Kendrick, Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte, Terrance Howard, Stanley Tucci and Julie Christie.

GMA: Robert Redford Casting His Character’s Daughter

Robert Redford said that he needed to cast the role of his character’s daughter and he just couldn’t find anyone. He said that he was depressed about not finding a good actress for the role. He was in a Vancouver hotel room, surfing channels, when he saw Jackie Evancho on television singing a song. He called the casting agent and told him to find her. He said that when he met her, she was so real and he thought she was a great choice. George called it “winning the lottery.


GMA: The Band Perry “Better Dig Two” Performance

The Band Perry also stopped by GMA April 2 2013 to perform their song, “Better Dig Two.” It was a great and spirited performance. Singer Kimberly Perry took the stage with confidence. The song involved the stomping of feet, which all of the band did at the right times, including Kimberly Perry, who stomped in between lyrics.

If you haven’t heard the song, I’d recommend you check it out. It’s a great country rock anthem.



  1. Harry Block says

    You’re saying about Kimberly Perry stomping in between lyrics of “Better Dig Two” that the Band Perry performed on GMA this morning. Do you realize just HOW MUCH of an accomplishment that was? Why, just last week they taught her to dress herself, so for her to keep time with the song today was nothing short of miraculous. Get a life you numbskull!

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