GMA: “Ridiculously Photogenic Jiu Jitsu Guy” & Taylor Swift vs Critics


GMA: Barbara Walters Retiring?

Larry Hackett, managing editor of People magazine, came by to talk about the headlines. Barbara Walters has been rumored to be considering retiring. While there’s no hard news yet, Larry Hackett said it’s a reminder of what a great career she’s had.

GMA: Angelina Jolie Marriage Ring?

Larry Hackett said that the rumors of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt getting married in private were outrageous. He said Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sold the baby pictures of all three of their children. “The idea they would get married in private, I find a little hard to believe,” Hacket said.


GMA: "Ridiculously Photogenic Jiu Jitsu Guy" & Taylor Swift vs Critics

Taylor Swift took a swipe at her critics at a show in Newark. (Joe Seer /

GMA: Taylor Swift Attacks Critics

At a show in Newark, Taylor Swift attacked her critics. Larry Hackett said that he thought she might be too sensitive about things. Lara Spencer mentioned Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s joke about Taylor Swift and Hackett mentioned the other attacks, like she’s too open about her relationships and writes about her ex-boyfriends too much. Sam Champion said that he thought she should just not talk about it and write songs and stick to what she loves.

In my humble opinion, every musician writes about personal topics. The only difference is that the songs Taylor Swift writes happen to be about A-List stars like John Mayer or Jake Gyllenhaal. If they were about some guy named Ted who works in accounting at a firm none of us have ever heard of, no one would care.


What do you think of the criticism of Taylor Swift?

GMA: “Ridiculously Photogenic Jiu Jitsu Guy”

A photo of Jiu Jitsu martial artist Clarke Gracie recently went viral. The photo shows him in a pose that appears to be moments before he is slammed to the ground by his opponent. In the photo, he looks smooth, looking right into the camera. His expression looked like he should’ve been on the beach somewhere instead of fighting someone. The internet dubbed him the “Ridiculously Photogenic Jiu Jitsu Guy” and now he sat down with the anchors to talk about the photo.

This guy was cool. He was so calm and collected. He said the photo was taken a year ago at the New York Open. He said that what people don’t understand about the photo is that he’s actually attacking the man’s shoulder. “You’re attacking the camera!” Lara Spencer said, at the same time that Sam Champion said, “Wait, you’re winning there?”

Both are apparently true. Clark Gracie was looking awesome and winning at the same time. No one asked him whether he won that particular match, but I think it’s important to note that even if he didn’t, he certainly won the popular vote. Can you imagine being the other guy in the photo? I mean, he’s there, too. But all anyone sees is the “Ridiculously Photogenic Jiu Jitsu Guy.” That’s got to be awkward for him.

GMA: Special Deals & Steals

Then, it was time for some deals and steals. GMA had special bargains only available on their website. First up were the Puravida Bracelets, which went normally for $80-85, but are available for $18 on the GMA website. Then, there were some charm necklaces seen on The Carrie Diaries from Samantha Frye, which range from $54-64, are now $25-27. They also have Lisa Stewart cuffs for $35. Plus, custom cut cocktail rings by Nikki Baker that have been seen on Emma Stone, Anne Hathway and Reese Witherspoon are normally $125, but now they’re going for $39.


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