GMA: Reese Witherspoon Explains Arrest & Mud with Matthew McConaughey


GMA: Reese Witherspoon Speaks Out About Arrest

Two weeks ago, Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon was enjoying a night out with her husband in Atlanta. They had a few glasses of wine and decided to drive home. While they thought they were fine to drive, Reese said that they absolutely were not.

The couple was stopped and arrested for driving while intoxicated. Reese was also arrested for disorderly conduct. She said there is no excise for what they did and expressed her deepest apologies. She said they used poor judgement and should have called a car service.


GMA: Reese Witherspoon Explains Arrest & Mud with Matthew McConaughey

Reese Witherspoon said that her arrest was inexcusable and she is very sorry about disappointing fans and her family. Her new film, Mud, is out now. (image credit: Featureflash /

“Do you know my name? You’re about to find out who I am.” Witherspoon was quoted saying in the police report. Reese said she has no idea what she was saying that night. She also told the police officer that she was pregnant, which she isn’t. Witherspoon said that she should have known better and had more respect for the officer, but panicked when she saw him arrest her husband.

Reese Witherspoon Tells Children About Arrest

The hardest part, she said, is telling her children. She is using it as a teaching moment and showing them responsibility. She learned a lot from the experience.


“You know, I played a lawyer in a movie so many times that I think I am a lawyer. Clearly I am not a lawyer becuase I got arrested,” she said lightheartedly.

Mud Starring Matthew McConaughey & Reese Witherspoon

Her new film, Mud, is set in the deep south and is about a boy’s coming-of-age, learning what love is. Her character, Juniper, is the love of Matthew McConaughey’s life. A little boy, Ellis, wants to believe in her love with McConaughey’s character.

She said that she was very excited to work with McConaughey. The critics are saying that this is her best performance since Walk the Line.

Reese Witherspoon Filming The Good Lie In Africa

Reese Witherspoon’s next film, The Good Lie, is about the lost boys of the Sudan and how they came to America. She said that she is enjoying her new baby, Tennessee James, and trying to keep her family together in light of recent events.


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